Paint a Better Picture with Real Estate Listing

Renae | September 4, 2017 | Marketing

Paint a Better Picture with Real Estate ListingWhenever you post a real estate listing, one of the most important things to include is, of course, the description of the property. Besides the photos that you include with your listing, the description is your opportunity to sell the property to prospective buyers before the see for themselves the potential the property has. The best way to do this is to, in essence, paint a picture of how good the home is and to help buyers see themselves living there.
You have no doubt seen listings that follow a formula. While you should always include the basics that every buyer wants to read, you will do one better by making the description more colorful and enticing. The best way to do this is to focus on what the home has to offer and creating real value in every sentence you write.

List the Best Features First

Sit in a potential buyer’s shoes. You only have so many words to sell the property (250 to 300 words is best) so start with the best things first.
Really think about what makes the listing stand out from others. If location is the biggest selling point, list that first. Mention the desirable neighborhood and proximity to popular amenities. If a fantastic outdoor space will wow people the most, then bring that asset to the top of the description.
In other words, get buyers excited from the very start by starting with the most exciting aspect then drill down to the next exciting one, then the next. Don’t wait to build that excitement until the very end, or you may lose leads more quickly.

Be Imaginative with Your Words

Part of painting a picture is to help buyers envision themselves immediately living in the home. Instead of saying “spacious kitchen,” you could say “kitchen fit for family gatherings” or “chef’s dream kitchen” instead of “kitchen including appliances.”
Basically, take a boring descriptor and turn it into an event or moments that the buyer will enjoy in their future home. Don’t go overboard by painting a picture with every area of the house. Picking the top two that you list in the beginning of your description will work perfectly.

Enhance the Basics

You’ve already included three bedrooms and three full baths. Is it worth repeating in the description and taking up valuable copy real estate? It sure is if every room has its own en suite bathroom. This will mater greatly to a family of four who is looking for just that.
We once saw a listing that mentioned four bedrooms, four full baths and two half baths. During the tour, one could account for the four baths and one of the half baths. It wasn’t until a thorough search could you find the other half – outside, as a new addition, next to the pool! This always impressed people at showings but was never mentioned in the description.
If the listing has a basic amenity that is actually worth expounding on, make it known. Brand name appliances, potential uses for an extra living space, whatever it may be, call it out.
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