How to Overcome Agent Writer’s Block

Renae | February 17, 2017 | Marketing

Young pretty girl writer using typing machineWriter’s block hits even the best of writers, so it’s no surprise that, as a real estate agent, you’ve probably run into this problem every now and then. Nothing is more frustrating than staring at a blank screen for minutes on end.

When you first dedicate yourself to writing content for your blog or website on a regular basis, the excitement can, at first, churn out idea after idea. You ride the wave of enthusiasm and energy that comes with a new way to grow your business.

What happens that can plague any writer is that you run out of ideas. So what is a well-intentioned real estate professional to do? Be prepared.

Here we have a list of the top categories of topics to help you continue to have a steady list of content to write. Use this list as a starting point, then see what else you can come up with that is pertinent to your real estate business!

List of Testimonials

Home sellers and buyers shop around like they do for any other kind of service (or even product!). Testimonials are a big part of that process. If a real estate lead didn’t already come from a referral, then these will be important to include on your website or blog.

Have a standard set of questions that you can ask your past clients. Be sure to ask your clients’ permission before posting any testimonial and let them know how exactly you will be referencing them (i.e. first name only or first name and last initial).

Make sure, too, that you have a variety of experiences. A seller, buyer, first-time homebuyer, Baby Boomer seller, builder – the list is endless.

“Dear Abby”

How many questions a week do you get from leads and clients? We’re guessing enough to create a strong list of blog topics!

So how can you tell if a question you’ve answered is worth writing about? It’s likely a question you have received numerous times. It may also be a question for which you have a really long answer.

Another way to format advice questions is to ask the question then provide an answer for different types of, say, home buyers. Or, better yet, ask the same question but write one post that answers it for different demographics.

Guest Post

This is probably one of the easiest ways to add more content to your blog or website. You can’t profess to know everything about everything in real estate, so find those who can share their expertise and knowledge with your audience. It will give you some writing relief and add a new dimension to your website!

Some guest writer ideas? Your favorite mortgage lender to advise on the process, the HOA president in your farm area to talk about new developments in the neighborhood, a local contractor to discuss how to easily update a home for sale…

To make it easier for your guest poster, email them with a set of questions to use as a guide, explain to them what you’d like to see in the post, how many words, and when you’d like the post submitted.

What other kinds of topics can you think of?

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Renae Virata is the Director and Founder of the strategic marketing firm revXmarketing, based in Dallas, Texas. A native of Houston and a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Renae has always been an avid writer. You can learn more about her and her work at Want to guest post on Home Value Leads? Find out how!