Marketing Your Eco Home

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Sustainable homes are becoming increasingly popular in the housing market- buyers are looking for eco-friendly features and homeowners are becoming more eager to upgrade their traditional amenities for smarter options. Whether you be a realtor putting a green home on the market or going the “for sale by owner” route, you’re going to want to really highlight all of the special upgrades that make your place stand out. 

Touch Up Before You Sell

What good are all of those fabulous eco-friendly features if they’re not in tip-top shape? People who are in the market for a home with modern and advanced features have a sleek, updated style in their minds that will need minimal renovations on their end. Do a full check-up of the house to ensure that there is consistency amongst green features throughout the home. If you have touchless faucets to minimize water usage, also update your toilet and showerhead to include low-flow options in order to help prospective buyers further save on their water bill. If you’ve been noticing your home suffers from leaks or uses a lot of energy to deliver hot water, consider employing a local plumbing expert to upgrade your pipes to environmentally friendly recycled steel or switch out your water heater for an energy saving tankless version. 

Market The “Why” Not Just The “What” 

When marketing your eco home, be sure to help buyers understand why green, environmentally conscious features will help their overall quality of living. In addition to listing all of the great amenities you’ve added to your home, explain the benefit they will have to a buyer’s health of finances.

If the home has a filtration system, include how consuming and showering with purified water can help minimize skin irritation, inflations in allergies, or longer term respiratory issues. If the home has recently installed solar panels, be sure to include how solar panels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using clean energy from the sun. This not only improves the home’s air quality but also saves on energy bills! Be sure to include the various benefits of eco upgrades to market to buyers incentivized by its environmental impact as well as those in it for the financial savings. 

Place Emphasis on Investment

As a homeowner, upgrading your home’s traditional features to smarter, energy-efficient versions can be pricey. This investment can certainly translate into a higher market price for those looking to move into your house. Pricier homes will bring a greater challenge in terms of marketing as people who want to live in a green home will need justification as to why the price tag is worth it. 

By first understanding the distinct health, financial, and environmental advantages your home has to offer, you will be able to effectively frame the steeper price as a worthwhile investment. If the home already has the majority of green features installed, place emphasis on the money and hassle your buyer will save upfront by not having to make the upgrade themselves. Delve into to money they will earn back by explaining how eco upgrades pay themselves off over time- many green features will make an owner eligible for federal tax credits and rebates, and will help make their money back should they decide to sell down the road. 

Get Green Certified

As green homes become more popular in the market, you’ll want as much credibility as possible in order to help your specific eco-friendly home stand out from the rest. There are numerous independent green home certification programs that will help your home become certified in various sustainable sectors such as water or energy conservation. The added label will cement your home as top quality in terms of eco homes, and help you target educated homeowners who already have their wallets out, ready to place a bid on a green home of their dreams. 

To environmentally-conscious home buyers, properly marketing your home’s green features can go a long way with landing a deal. Don’t let the tremendous value of your amazing eco-friendly features go to waste! Educating yourself on how to properly advertise a green home in today’s market will help your house get the recognition it deserves! 

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