Listings, Location Stickers and Instagram Stories

Renae | June 28, 2017 | Marketing

Listings, Location Stickers and Instagram StoriesAs the fastest-growing social media platform in the world, Instagram is quickly providing features that mirror its audience’s behavior. One recent upgrade includes adding location stickers to Instagram Stories. This is a great way for your listings that you create Instagram Stories for to be seen by tons more people in multiple ways on Instagram.

A Review of Instagram Stories

We posted about the story behind Instagram Stories when the feature first came out in a past post. Instagram Stories allow you to consolidate images and videos from the day into comprehensive pieces that people can enjoy.

It’s easy to create Instagram Stories by clicking on the plus sign with the circle around it at the top of your homepage. Once you’ve taken your video or photo, you can then click on the checkmark to add to your Story. You can access your story by tapping on it at the top of your feed, next to all of the other stories created by people or groups you follow. Then click on the plus sign/circle at the top left again to add to your story.

To see others’ stories, you’ll see them at the top of your feed or look on their profile, both options of which will denote a new Story with a colorful ring around the user’s profile photo.

How Do Location Stickers Enhance Instagram Stories?

According to Social Media Examiner, users for quite some time have been searching for businesses on Instagram like they would on Yelp. The example they give is if someone types in “pizza [city name],” then a list of those profiles that serve pizza in that city would pop up. The same can be done by searching hashtags, which we all knew, of course!

Now location searches will show a colored ring next to the location result indicating all the recent Instagram Stories tied to that location. Pretty cool! Tapping on the colored-ring icon is the same as clicking on the colored-ring icon of feeds your connected to on Instagram so you can see their recent stories.

How Do Location Stickers Help Real Estate Agents?

You can see how this could be super beneficial for real estate agents. With listings changing ever so often, simply having the location for your listings in your Instagram Stories can help people see the stories quickly when they search for that location.

You don’t have to choose a city location sticker, though. Get creative and use local landmarks, hot spots or neighborhoods. The most widely and likely used locations like these help make your listings pull up more often and with more relevance.

Instagram’s algorithm also brings up your Story potentially in the Explore page based on the location sticker you’ve assigned, the local area or the user’s interests. People searching for homes in your local area will probably see your Stories and, in turn, your listings.


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