Maintain Sincerity and Make Beneficial Time Critical Decisions

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For real estate agents, nothing beats sincerity. Home buyers and home sellers can see right through a real estate agent that isn’t sincere. Although sincerity is necessary to further relationships with buyers and sellers and to close deals, many times real estate agents misconstrue their time critical decisions as being insincere.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Check out how to maintain sincerity while making beneficial time critical decisions.

Maintain Sincerity and Make Beneficial Time Critical Decisions

Check out an umbrella definition of time critical decisions:  The idea that the context of a decision, its parameters, options, and best outcomes, are dependent on when the decision is made. A good outcome at one point in time is not necessarily a good outcome at a later point in time if the decision is time-critical.

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That’s the umbrella definition of time critical decisions. Now, let’s check out a few scenarios where as a real estate agent you must make a time critical decision.

  1. You receive word that another buyer has put in a higher bid on a house that your buyer doesn’t necessarily want

The sincerity question could be huge with this time critical decision. Do you allow the house to slip away by not making the case that your buyer should put in a higher bid to purchase the home? Or, do you push the buyer on why the home is perfect for they and their family?

Whether or not this time critical decision is sincere depends on your point of view. If you want them to purchase the home because you want to get paid, you might not act in the best interest of your buyer.

If you want them to purchase the home because you believe it’s the best available home for them, you’re absolutely sincere in saying what you think. You wouldn’t be a good real estate agent if you didn’t.

  1. Your home seller decides to go with a different contractor than the one you recommended

You must develop strong relationships with contractors to navigate the competitive real estate agent industry. What time critical decision do you make if your seller decides to go with a different contractor? Do you immediately try to convince them to go with your contractor? Do you take the time to vet the contractor they wish to use, or do you decide to allow them to go with their own contractor?

This one’s tricky because there are many more qualified contractors out there than just the ones that you have relationships with. The sincere time critical decision to make here is to allow the client to go with his or her contractor unless you have prior knowledge about the contractor they wish to go with.

A good statement before this situation ever arises is this, “You can go with your own contractor, or I can recommend a couple if you don’t have one.” That keeps you from acting insincere while offering your expertise.

  1. You’ve spent most of your time looking for a house for a family, but, suddenly, a hot house buying lead comes into the picture

Most real estate agents might believe that the sincere thing to do in this situation is to continue spending most of your time with the current family. That’s not always the case, though.

Why is it less sincere to help the family that’s looking to buy a house as soon as possible? If the hot lead came to you via a recommendation, or via their own research, you must consider that.

If the current family you’re helping has taken all this time before deciding, why not slightly switch gears and help the family looking to purchase right away? You could be insincere by not helping the family who wants to purchase as soon as possible.

The above are just 3 examples of how real estate agents can make time critical decisions while also maintaining sincerity. When it comes to sincerity and time critical decisions, always go with your gut. If you’ve been a sincere real estate agent since starting your career, your gut should lead you to make to the right time critical decision.

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