Listing Tip #3: Get Properties Listed Everywhere

Renae Virata | March 25, 2016 | Marketing

Listing Tip #3: Get Properties Listed EverywhereYour listing is more effective the larger the audience is that you can be in front of. Our third listing tip takes that great copy and those awesome photos you took and puts your listing on all the channels where potential home buyers and real estate agents can find it.

We’ll forego the typical places you place your listings because, truth be told, if you aren’t already on them, then that’s a whole other blog post! 

Neighborly Reach

Every neighborhood has a newsletter. If you aren’t familiar with the ones available, then a quick Google search will reveal them in a snap. All you have to do is type in the name of the neighborhood and “newsletter” to start. 

You can also do a hunt for HOAs and inquire by phone or email if they have a newsletter into which you can share local property listings. (This may be a good opportunity, too, to see if you could possibly be a regular contributor as the real estate expert in the area.)

Getting Really Local

Another great spot are user-generated sites. We’ve mentioned BubbleLife and Patch as examples of such online entities that allow really anyone (pending approval) to post events and articles. Many will have a classifieds section or even a real estate-dedicated section where you can regularly post property listings.

Take advantage of these and list properties that you feel would fit the demographic of the respective site. Most of these sites attract singles to young families but who are active or highly sociable, so keep this in mind when deciding which properties to post. 

Also, make sure you confirm with the web adminstrators that your posts will indeed be included in the correct sections.

Beyond Your Facebook Business/Personal Page

Here’s another Facebook avenue to get eyeballs on your listings: private or public Facebook community groups. There are a number of “information trading,” “garage sale” or “yard sale” neighborhood-centric sites where people in a specific community share the latest on happenings or have things for sale. A house in most cases is no exception! 

To find these, you can do a searching Facebook for “[community/neighborhood/city] garage sale/yard sale/trading/information trading.” Be sure to read the rules and, to be extra sure, contact the page admins to make sure posting properties is ok. Usually these are properties that you can mention, within local real estate rules, to your communities before you publicly promote them, just to give them a heads up. 

These should really be special properties, and you might do better to have your client join the group and post the information/phoots (that you supply) themselves, so it is truly a neighborly post.

You should always be on the lookout for opportunities where you can post listings on a regular basis, it just takes a little research and resolve to be consistent. The more you can put you and your unique real estate brand out there, the more you will find that both listers and buyers will become familiar and comfortable with what you have to offer and just might make a call in to your office for other real estate needs.

What other places have you found to post real estate listings for your clients? What’s worked or hasn’t?

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Renae Virata