Does LinkedIn Really Matter for Real Estate Agents?

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LinkedIn For Real Estate AgentsYes, yes, and yes! LinkedIn has evolved from its fledgling offering since 2004 into a robust social media platform – for professionals.

It’s a fantastic way to establish your professionalism and expertise as a real estate agent to an even wider network of high-caliber home sellers and buyers.

What Exactly is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is your resume as a real estate agent on steroids. You’re able to include images, video, links, post on a feed like Facebook, receive endorsements/recommendations and – what we’ll get to in a minute – establish your voice in the community on a variety of topics that will receive a lot of attention.

The network works in tiers (think 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon) in which you have the people you are connected to (1st connection), their friends (2nd connection) and those people’s friends (3rd connection).

Profiles that are not directly connected to you limit the information to shared to just the person’s name, position and company or just their position and company.

A favorite feature for many is the ability to see who has viewed your LinkedIn profile. For a nominal fee each month, you can see even more and contact people directly who are not first connections.

Top LinkedIn Features for Real Estate Professionals

LinkedIn For Real EstateLinkedIn is similar enough to other social media platforms that if you are new to it, you should be able to set up and navigate it well.

Here are a few of the key features you should definitely use to help promote your real estate business.

  • Summary – This might seem obvious, but that big box can give people more insight into your business than just what you do. It is a key way to tell them who you are. Many people use this space to showcase their personality and voice. Instead of saying “I am a realtor in the Boca Raton, FL, area who specializes in high-end homes,” lead with a stronger, more attractive intro. Maybe you are new to the game but have moved so many times you know what clients are looking for. Maybe you are the leading seller of homes in a certain area. Find your angle and creatively communicate that in your voice in this section. Two to three four- to five-sentence paragraphs should do.

You can also add video, images, documents and presentations to this section. This is a great spot to add a couple of your strongest testimonials or photos of homes that exemplify what you sell or help your clients find.

  • Experience – This is your virtual resume. Although you are welcome to add bullet points with facts like a traditional resume, many people use this similarly to the summary to showcase their accomplishments in their personal voice.
  • Volunteer Experience and Causes – These are very important, often overlooked areas that allow potential clients to connect with you on a more personal level. According to LinkedIn, companies look at this section as a major tipping point in hiring decisions. So why shouldn’t it be the same for those looking for the right real estate agent to help them sell or find their homes?
  • Post – The latest development that is now offered for all LinkedIn members, posts give you the opportunity to write those blogposts you’ve been dying to publish with a built-in audience! Most people write 400 – 600 words on topics related to their work, but you can certainly publish opinions on other things. The best posts come from your observations from clients or your answering questions you often hear, so be the real estate expert you are, write those posts and get those clients!
  • Groups – Join a few of the many LinkedIn groups that focus on a variety of shared interests, topics, industries and fields. The more involved you are in the discussions, the more people will get to know you and the more likely they will trust you and your services – both on LinkedIn and hopefully in the real world. You can join some groups for real estate pros but do a group search for “newcomers to [your city]” or just your city name and see what pops up. You never know who is asking for advice about a neighborhood you are an expert about or looking for a new home or trying to sell theirs.
  • Other areas: Certifications, Courses, Honors/Awards, Projects – All of these areas give the professional credibility that people rely on when looking for a real estate professional to work with. Fill them in as much as you can, and don’t hesitate to add non-real-estate-related accomplishments. You do have a life outside of real estate after all, right? That’s what people will connect to so don’t be afraid to let your personal side show through.

Some tips for a successful LinkedIn real estate profile:

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of data you feel you have to post. Write out what you’d like to write, refine it, run it by a few trusted colleagues and friends, then complete your LinkedIn profile in one bout. You can also hire a professional to help you write your story and experience.
  • Choose a photo that is personable but appropriate. It’s great to be more personable here as well. Instead of a stodgy navy suit, have a shot of you with a home you’ve sold in the back or just a more business casual shot. Make sure the photo is clear and shows as much of you from the shoulders up as possible.
  • Don’t forget to connect with people you know to get you started. Pretty soon, you will start receiving updates for you to accept invitations to connect.
  • Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile as new professional or personal accomplishments develop throughout your life.
  • Use discretion when employing your own voice. Keep it you but refrain from too many exclamation points, jokes or colloquial phrases. Be light but focused.
  • Do NOT spam people and push your real estate services through Inmail. This is a fast way to turn people off. LinkedIn is a great opportunity for you to organically grow a following and network, so focus on ways to share good information and connect naturally with others.

Used strategically and updated often, LinkedIn can be yet another effective tool in your arsenal to help establish your real estate brand.

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