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Renae Virata | December 23, 2016 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Lead the Way: Professional ReferralsInman recently posted a fantastic post with 99 sources for leads that real estate agents can take advantage of.

The section on referral ideas for real estate agents from different types of professionals is pure genius. We touched lightly on this in one of our own posts and thought it worth the time to emphasize it in more detail.

Professionals who interact with potential clients looking for a new home (or looking to sell!) can be one of the easiest and best resources for real estate leads. The top lead resources in this category: professional recruiters, divorce attorneys, estate attorneys and financial advisers.

Professional Recruiters

Each year, millions of people change jobs and enlist the help of executive recruiters or headhunters. A good headhunter will be not only a great help for you but can provide additional advice for life changes to their clients.

They establish such a rapport with their clients (in some cases, working on two or more different career changes) that they know far more about what their clients needs are beyond the job.

You might think that a recruiter or headhunter worth your partnership for real estate leads will only work for big moves. But leads who are moving up the ladder evenĀ locally might be looking to upgrade their lifestyle, too. This can mean an opportunity for him or her to sell their home or to move from renting to buying.

Start local and do a search for “professional headhunters,” “executive recruiters” or go even specific with a specific industry like law. Establish strong rapport with them and develop a plan of action for making referrals.

Divorce Attorneys

While it is a difficult time for divorce attorneys’ clients, a divorce could signal significant life changes that include the sale of a home and a potential search for a new one – one both sides.

If a couple needs to get rid of the home altogether, then the divorce attorney will be happy to refer his clients to you. For them, the referral is a continuity, in a way, of his service to his clients.

It might be a good idea to take time to understand a particular divorce situation or to get a general idea of how divorces work if you are not already familiar. That way you can be sensitive to your clients and know how best to help them.

Estate Attorneys

Another situation where circumstances can be complicated and emotions can run amok amongst those involved, the death of a homeowner means that the family will need help possibly selling the loved one’s home.

Again, it’s a good idea to understand how the process works on the attorney’s side either specific to the client or in general to better understand how to treat clients and provide them the best service.

Financial Advisers

These days, financial advisers are available to more than just the wealthy. Many millennials, for example, seek the advice of a financial adviser to help them plan their growing nest eggs.

Befriending financial advisers is a good idea to identify leads who are or will be ready to buy. On the flip side, some leads from a financial adviser may need to sell their homes, either to downgrade their lifestyle, for retirement and facing an empty nest or other major life changes, positive or negative.

You might be wondering if you should provide a referral fee for these partnerships. That is totally up to you! One thing you can offer of value is a referral in return of your clients. A mutual system of referrals will make all of your professional relationships true partnerships.

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Renae Virata