Key Elements Of Lead Generation Websites For Real Estate

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The popularity of Internet marketing is increasing, B2B competition has become fierce, and the world of print advertising and door-to-door salesmen has all but receded into the background. With this popularity, lead generation websites for real estate have become extremely popular and their success depends on having the right elements in place to capture those leads.

Internet users are exposed to numerous websites when searching for something online. The catch is you have only 4 to 6 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor before they click the “x” and place the URL of your competition into the address bar.

Though it is crucial to drive as much traffic as possible to your site, you have to engage your visitors as well. Engagement leads to conversions. How can you be certain that visitors will engage and generate leads for you? Here are some key elements of lead generation websites for real estate.

Lead Generation Websites For Real EstateKey Elements Of Lead Generation Websites For Real Estate

Articulating a Central Marketing Message

What is the nature of your business? If you can clearly define your business, you can convince visitors that your products and services are what they are looking for.

If you service a particular niche, make sure that is obvious right on the home page. It is essential that visitors to your site can quickly decipher what you are offering without the need to search throughout your site. Place this information “above the fold” to hit home the purpose of your website.

Noticeable Contact Info

This is the groundwork for generating leads. Many company websites include a “contact us” page; nonetheless, they frequently forget that visitors prefer not to “hunt” for that information.

Placing your contact information in the top right hand corner of each page can do wonders for lead generation websites.

Call to Action Buttons

Call to action or CTA buttons, should appear consistently throughout your lead generation websites. Studies show that 70% of small business websites lack a CTA button.

A good CTA button can either open a contact form or take your visitor to a page centered on lead generation. Remember to state your CTA clearly. Try to suggest an action by using buttons with “download now” or “join.”

Some examples of call to action buttons for real estate lead generation websites would be to sign up for your IDX, register for a newsletter, find out the value of their home, or to “like” you on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter.

Show Off Your Knowledge And Skills

What makes you different from your competition? Are you offering special products and services? Do you specialize in first time homebuyers? Are you the high-rise condo expert? Offer discounts or added benefits to veterans or hometown heroes?

Keep in mind that within 4 to 6 seconds of coming to your site a potential customer will want to know “what your site has to offer them” so make sure you have something unique to make you stand out.

This is why many top producing agents will have multiple lead generation websites for their real estate business in order to focus on multiple niches or segments of the market. One website cannot appeal to everyone, so don’t try.

Incorporating these four elements into your lead generation websites for real estate will help to take your business to another level. Do a quick search of the top sites in your area and find out what they are doing that is successful.

Take your favorite ideas from each and put your own twist on it when you add them to your own site.

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