Knowledge Sharing for Better, Smarter Real Estate Agents

Renae Virata | May 30, 2016 | Best Practices

Knowledge Sharing for Better, Smarter Real Estate AgentsIt is easy for real estate agents to work alone when it comes to intangible marketing strategies such as being the go-to person for any and all things related to their target area. Some agents may live in the neighborhood, others may love the thrill of researching a new market while others just always know what’s going on any given day.

Imagine the possibilities if every agent at your real estate firm shared what they knew as a team. The collective body of knowledge could make each agent that much more an expert in the eyes of their clients and may also help the agent see new and creative ways to connect with leads.

What Information to Share

Real estate agents are on the ground, hearing and learning about the latest developments in a neighborhood, events, issues, quick routes and more that help them become experts in the eyes of their clients.

One broker mentioned how ever so often, she updates her agents with maps of new developments. The lesson gives the agents an overview of the neighborhood and the city in general so they can have intelligent and well informed conversations around the specific needs that a client may have when looking for a home, for example.

These tidbits can be used for social media, content and, most importantly, conversations with potential, new and past clients.

Make Knowledge Sharing a Habit

If you don’t already have regular meetings with your team on sharing their neighborhood knowledge, it’s time to make it a standing bullet point on the agenda.

You don’t have to spend 30 or even 20 minutes on the topic. Each week, agents can have a list of their top two or three new pieces of information to share that would be invaluable to the other agents.

The expectation of gathering such information will keep it top of mind for agents and could also get their creative juices flowing as they learn to look out for developments, events and the like in the area.

Keep Knowledge Organized

Let’s face it: Real estate agents lead busy lives. They are constantly on the go. To make knowledge sharing much easier, you can make use of a number of online tools with smartphone apps to collect information as the agents think of or learn of them.

Asana is a great team communication tool whose goal is to minimize email among team members. You can create a project for each neighborhood that your agents focus on. They can then list what they find as a task within the respective neighborhood project with details in the description. Others can then comment to ask questions or add to the piece of information.

You can find other great tools like Asana such as Evernote or Wunderlist.

If you want to keep it simple and use the tools you already have, you can create a Google Sheet or Doc where agents can simply add to it at leisure online or through the app.


Let Everyone Know the End Goal

In a competitive real estate market, some agents may feel that the information they know may give other agents a leg up.

However, by fostering an environment that emphasizes strength in numbers, you can help agents see that helping each other become neighborhood or area experts benefits not only the team but their clients as well.

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Renae Virata