Knocking on Doors Could Open New Ones

Renae Virata | September 14, 2015 | Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Knocking on Doors Could Open New OnesIt’s a basic tactic for generating real estate leads that no agent should ever overlook: knocking on doors. It’s something we all know we should do yet so few real estate agents take the time (or energy!) to invest in doing. Read on to get re-acquainted with walking the neighborhood and watch your leads increase.

When to Knock on Doors

Every neighborhood is different depending on the makeup of the demographic in that area. This is an important piece of information that you should have locked down anyway, so a further investigation will reveal the best times to make your visits. Working class neighborhoods will generally work early or very late hours. Upper end areas or those with retirees will likely be home during the day, Monday through Friday. For those in between consider an hour after work during the week but not too close to dinnertime. A big day for many agents to knock on doors is Saturday, from 9 AM to 8 PM. This could be a good strategy for you in between listing appointments and showing. An alternative is Sunday afternoon after church, family activities and event late lunches.

What is Required

In order to signal local authorities who may be perusing your neighborhood, have a sign on your car indicating that you are a real estate agent. That way, those in the area who see you will have confidence that you are okay to be in the area.

A good script is invaluable in making sure that you make the most of the face time you have with those you approach. Here’s a sample script that may work, but you should always modify it where you see fit to fit your personal style so you come off naturally.

“Hi, my name is Jane Doe, and I’m a realtor in the area. I was just at a listing appointment (or showing) and just wanted to let you know of the services I’ve provided in the neighborhood. Do you have about 10 minutes to chat?”

Most will say “no”, but don’t let that discourage you! Simply say, “Is there a better time to come back or would you rather I gave you a call on Monday?”

Some really good ways to get “in the door” more easily is to let them know a house you recently sold or just listed, if you know someone prominent in the neighborhood whom you’ve helped, how many sellers you’ve helped in the past three to six months and that you are the expert in the area when it comes to real estate sales.

Don’t spend too much time chatting them up or trying to get them to list. The mission is to get an appointment with them, period.

And if you don’t get a yes, at least a no means you can move on to the next.

Planning Ahead

Make sure you have a clear plan prior to knocking on doors to maximize your time on foot. Maybe Day 1, you tackle three streets. Keep track of how many doors you knocked on, notes and refer back to them to refine your pitch and renew your confidence when you need it. Just like any other lead-generating tool, you should measure your efforts and time against, later, your leads, conversions and commissions to see if this tactic works for you.

One final piece of advice – don’t give up! It’s not easy to knock on doors, and it will take time to get as clear a picture of what to do and how it works for you. We suggest looking back at your success rate a week then a month then three months into the process. Also, don’t forget to ask for referrals and to leave your card with them. A few miles here and there can help put a face to a name and heighten your presence in your area. Good luck!

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Renae Virata