Impress Your Clients with These Summer Project Tips

Renae Virata | May 16, 2016 | Marketing

Impress Your Clients with These Summer Project TipsStuck on some content ideas to share with your real estate clients? With summer just around the corner, you can provide some valuable advice for them to make their homes a happening place this summer.

One of the best ways to engage your past clients is to provide tips on how to make their new homes exciting for their families and guests. Homeowners love to learn new ways to enjoy their properties, and you can stay top of mind by imparting some ideas to make a “staycation” a real option.

Think of a Summer Project They’ll Love

Before the summer heat really sets in, give your clients a few ideas to start with now to make their homes fun for the season. For those with pools, they might enjoy some great summer additions to their yards to make their pool area safe and more updated. Think new tiles, innovative deck furniture or enhanced lounging areas.

Gardens are a big deal for many first-time homeowners, so why not do a post that shares the best summer vegetables and fruits to cultivate, how to set up a backyard garden and tips for involving the kids? You can enlist the advice of a local nursery owner (think partner!) to impart some of their wisdom and even share a deal with your clients.

Simple backyards can enjoy an upgrade with a do-it-yourself bar, outdoor kitchen and additions like canopies and fire pit areas.

Connect Them with The Best Contractors

If a project is outside of the do-it-yourself realm, then you can be a true expert in the area by sharing some great contractors that you know and love.

Provide a list of contractors for pools, gardens, outdoor flooring, backyard grilling kitchens and the like. Be sure to have the company, address, phone, email and contact person, too.

To go one step further with your recommendations, partner with these contractors and see if they’ll offer client-exclusive deals. All you have to do is offer to mention them in all of your social and communication channels in exchange for a good percentage or dollar savings off of a project or service.

You’ll build great relationships with contractors in the neighborhood, and your clients will appreciate your going the extra mile for them.

Share Your Content Everywhere

A blog post is only as good as the reach is has. So make sure that you post it to all of your channels and include in your next newsletter. Re-post your article on other local platforms, too.

With the deals that you receive from contractors, you can post each one weekly throughout the month to give your partners more singular visibility.

Another great way to bring some depth to your summer content is to ask people to share their summer home improvement projects. They can share photos, whom they recommend to help with such projects and tips they learned. You can then collect this information and create another follow-up posts with these projects and tips!

When you’re stuck for content on your blog or newsletters, let the current or upcoming season inspire you. Providing tips for how your clients can enjoy their new homes (or encourage leads to upgrade their homes for sale) is a great way to keep in touch and show that you still have amazing advice to give.

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Renae Virata