How to Deal with the Overbearing Real Estate Agent Mentor

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Many people become real estate agents because someone that they know has already become a successful real estate agent. Like in many industries, real estate agent mentor relationships develop. Sometimes, the relationship can sour, though.

Real estate agent mentor relationships can sour for all sorts of reasons. Maybe, a mentor doesn’t agree with how the agent generates leads, or, maybe, the mentor feels that the agent should help other real estate agent sites.

Whatever the case may be, the relationship could sour so badly that the mentor becomes overbearing. Instead of handing out advice, he could dictate to the mentored real estate agent and attempt to create a real estate agent version of himself or herself.

When that happens, real estate agents must switch gears. How do they do that? Check out 3 ways!

3 Ways to Deal with an Overbearing Mentor

  1. Start relying on yourself

The easiest way to cut the mentor relationship is for real estate agents to simply not seek any more advice. Find your own conclusions. Even Buddha said that his followers shouldn’t just listen to him. They should look for answers on their own.

The same applies for real estate agents. You’re different than your mentor. Sounds harsh, but once a mentor becomes overbearing, it’s a great sign he or she can’t help you anymore. Find ways to help yourself.

  1. Build your own sphere of influence

If you have a real estate agent mentor, it’s likely that some individuals in your sphere of influence also exist in your mentor’s sphere of influence. It’s important that you build your sphere of influence, one that only exists for you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t put individuals that exist in your mentor’s sphere of influence into your sphere of influence. It just means that you should look to put individuals into your sphere of influence outside of your mentor’s. That means building your sphere of influence through other means than how your mentor builds his or her sphere of influence.

Remember, your mentor’s become overbearing. You want to break the mentor relationship. You don’t want to be in competition with your soon to be former mentor. Branch out and build a sphere of influence that exists in your real estate agent world. Again, there can be some crossover, but both sphere of influences shouldn’t be mirror images of each other.

  1. Be honest with your mentor

You mustn’t be harsh and tell your mentor that he or she is overbearing. Simply say something like this: “I thank you for everything, and I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve learned so much that I think it’s time for me to fly on my own. You’ve been so great, but now I must build my own name in the real estate agent industry.”

9 times out of 10, the mentor will be happy for you. Most individuals that accept mentoring roles know that eventually those they advise eventually strike out on their own. Mentors that wish to maintain control are bad mentors, anyhow.

Speaking of that, go back and read our blog about being careful about the advice you take. Not all individual that claim to be mentors, or want to be your real estate agent mentor, have your best interest at heart.

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