How to Complete Your Partial Leads

Renae Virata | December 14, 2015 | Best Practices, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

It can be easy as a real estate agent to want to pass up on partial leads. Having only the property address may elicit feelings of too much work that may not be worth pursuing. On the contrary, following up on any lead, partial or otherwise, can be the ticket to steering a homeowner toward selling their home with a little persistence and some artful searching.

No lead is a bad lead, so partial leads should always have its own follow-up plan in your marketing strategy. You never know when someone curious about their home value, through your Home Value Leads real estate landing page for example, may be thinking of selling in the near or even distant future, so it’s good to have them in your pipeline. However, in order to capitalize on these leads, it’s important to follow these simple steps consistently.

How to Make a Partial Lead Complete

Any number of websites provide information based on one criterion to help you find out the name, phone and even email address of a property owner. But the most exact website to provide all information about a property, including the homeowner’s name, is the county appraisal district websites. If you haven’t found the one for your area, do it and bookmark it now! You’ll also see on most county sites when the purchase date was, details about size, amenities and upgrades to help you formulate your conversation more intelligently once you make contact with the lead.

Spokeo is a great resource for finding contact information. Using a property address, you will have to pay a nominal fee, but if you have the property owner’s name and city, then you won’t likely incur a fee.

The White Pages will be your next good source of information to locate a phone number. It is crucial to follow up soon after you receive the partial lead since the idea of selling will still be hot on the lead’s mind.

If the White Pages don’t yield any results, do a good old Google search for the property owner. It’s amazing how many people will have their phone number in a pdf for their homeowner’s association, for example, or other document. You may want to put the homeowner’s name in quotes and the property address in separate quotes to narrow your search.

Facebook is another great search tool. Doing a search for the property owner’s name, you can friend them then send them private messages. You may even find that you have some people in common that can help you connect better.

What to Do If You Still Only Have a Name and Address

Don’t fret if you only have a name and address for the property. You can still do some good follow-up with it in a couple different ways:

  • Postcards: Postcards area still a tried and true method of contacting a homeowner. You know they were curious about their home value, so that’s what you should speak to in your messaging. Include your website and a call to action to call you for their complete home value report. You can even include their specific property value or those of similar homes you’ve sold in the area to whet their appetite.
  • Letters: Nothing is more personal than a letter, especially these days of automated technology. Personalize it with informative copy about their property such as similar homes sold in the area, their home value and how you can help. As always, include a call to action to get in touch with you. If possible, hand write the homeowners’ address on the envelope to increase the chance of its being opened.
  • In-Person Visit: Some agents will balk at the idea of paying a visit to the homeowner as it seems intrusive. However, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with a face-to-face conversation. Arrive at a time when you think they will be home and come ready with their home value report. If they aren’t home, you can always leave the report on their doorstep or leave a door hanger with more information to call you to get the information by email or mail.

No matter what information you receive, be sure to follow up quickly so you are the agent at the top of their mind. Get creative with your methods and include partial leads in your marketing plan. Employ the help of your assistant in helping to reach out to leads and develop a protocol to follow up with each type of information you have. Once you get used to following up with partial leads, you’ll see the value in them sooner and increase your conversion rate faster.

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Renae Virata