Why Home Valuation Calculators Can Turn Into Great Real Estate Leads

homevalueleads | July 21, 2014 | Marketing, Resources for Real Estate Leads & Referrals

Real estate lead generation with home valuation calculator
By: Yuichiro MASUI

Do you use a website to generate real estate leads?  These have become central parts of marketing for businesses in many fields, and real estate is no exception.  One benefit of your digital presence is your ability to offer valuable services to your clients.  A basic concept of marketing is reciprocity.  If you offer people a service first, they will be inclined to return the favor later.  Everyone from the free sample purveyor at the grocery store to the used car salesman offering free popcorn uses this method, and you should too because home valuation calculators can turn into great real estate leads.

Basics Of The Home Valuation Calculator

Are you unsure why a home value calculator can generate great real estate leads?  Consider how it works.  An online home value calculator is a simple tool; it works by quickly finding numerous comps for a given property, averaging their most recent appraisals and returning this value.  It is not terribly smart, but it does give a rough estimate, which is usually a good starting point.  This may not seem terribly helpful; any real estate agent worth his or her license could do this in just a few minutes and get a more accurate answer.  However, there is a good reason it can be a real estate lead generator.

The Pay-Off: Real Estate Leads

Even though it may seem like little more than a gimmick, a home value calculator is a very helpful tool for real estate leads.  Why is that?  Think about the people who use this tool; they are potential real estate leads who are interested in buying or selling a home.  When they use the calculator on your website, you know exactly where they live and an approximate value of their home.  You can leverage this information using automated tools to keep them updated with their home value every month and provide them with additional information as to how they can improve the value of their home. This level of customer service will be surprising to many people, and can be a highly effective marketing tactic. By staying in front of them with your regular updates and helpful articles, you would have a great chance of being their go-to person when the time comes to sell their home (and probably buy a new one as well). 

Finding great real estate leads does not have to be time consuming or difficult; by wisely using some of the incredible technology we have at our fingertips, you can offer a valuable service with very little effort.  Working less to achieve better results is the best way to succeed. Do you use a home value calculator to generate real estate leads? Give us your thoughts below in the comments. 

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