Home Sellers: How To Win Them Over

Renae Virata | April 24, 2015 | Marketing

Win Over Home SellersSo you feel pretty darn good about what you have to offer potential home sellers. You’ve had years of experience and lots of great testimonials, reviews and references to back you up. But once in a while, you will get the skeptical home seller who is not quite sure about working with you (or any agent for that matter). Here are some tips to help you win over a home seller.

Preparation is Key

Before you even go into your first meeting with the potential home sellers, make sure that you have everything lined up. Organizing your presentation or a document that they can review beforehand and that you can go over in your meeting is good idea that will create transparency from the get-go.

Areas to Cover

  • Home sales you have made for clients with similar homes (same neighborhood, type or selling price range). A simple image of the home, what you sold it for and, if possible, a comparison of the asking price to the actual sale price will paint a good picture of your track record. Lead time from contract to closing may also be good to include. Four or five homes within the past 12 to 18 months is the most timely.
  • A list of objections that other clients have had and how you overcame them. Jot them down then summarize them on one slide or in a short bullet list. State the problem then your solution to the problem succinctly. You can always talk to it in more detail later. Just be sure to have your notes handy or know the issue well so you can answer any questions the seller has.
  • Comprehensive bio. You don’t have to tell your life story, but be sure to note your years of experience, your specialties and averages of homes you’ve sold in the same or similar areas and final sale numbers. This is a great spot to note all of your credentials, awards and any other recognition as well.
  • List of referrals. Have a three or four good clients’ contact information whom the seller can call if they need a little extra information about your techniques and customer service.
  • The custom plan you have for the home seller. Every client is unique, so it’s important to let the home seller know that. Show them by giving a solid list of the efforts you will put forth in order to sell their home.

Listen to the Home Seller

You might uncover their qualms just by asking the right questions and listening intently to their hesitations. Be prepared with answers to common questions you have had in the past. Keep a good list for your reference for future clients, too. If you don’t have the answers right away, give them a sincere acknowledgement of the issue or question then promise to get back to them – and make sure you do it in a timely manner!

Qualify Their Objections

Miscommunication is a leading problem in understanding and meeting a home seller’s issues. Make sure you rephrase their question or objection, then answer accordingly. Always get their agreement when you’ve rephrased to make sure you are clear in what they are asking. It’s a good idea to review at the end of every meeting what objections they had and to reiterate that you understand and what the next steps are

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By staying organized, being transparent, listening and truly understanding the potential client’s needs, you will instill more confidence in them and reduce the time to get them on board so you can start helping them right away!

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Renae Virata