How a Great Attitude Can Make You a Winner

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We’ve published a couple of interesting blogs on why you need a headshot and why first impressions are so important. Both of those things are essential to getting a client to work with you instead of working with one of your competitors.

But, although headshots and first impressions are essential, they pretty much don’t matter if you, the real estate agent, doesn’t have the right attitude. By right attitude, we don’t mean the attitude that you express to your clients in face to face meetings. Anybody can put on the right attitude when they must.

We mean your internal attitude. That’s the attitude that you live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If that attitude isn’t up to par, isn’t optimistic, it eventually flows into your dealings with others.

How to Develop a Great Attitude

Fulfillment Daily posted an article on their site titled 10 Simple Habits to Grow a Positive Attitude. We took the 5 most relevant to real estate agents and added our thoughts.

  1. Get good at rejection – Everyone suffers through rejection. Real estate agents suffer through rejection more than most. The reason is because competition in the real estate agent industry is tough. Don’t let a potential client rejecting you for one of your competitors get in the way of your positive attitude.
  2. Reframe your challenges – Ensure you become a winner by reframing your challenges. Reframing a challenge means to re-direct without getting down on yourself. As a real estate agent, you often run into clients who don’t see things the way you do. Reframing the challenge of getting those clients to get onto the same page as you can be a positive experience, not a negative one.
  3. Replace have to with get – You could be going through this right now:   you have to sell a house to a client to make ends meet this quarter. That’s a negative way of looking at it. You should tell yourself that you’re going to get the client to purchase the house you know is perfect for them. See the difference?
  4. Breathe – This could be number one. Make sure to breathe. Before speaking, before contemplating a situation, before even considering how to solve an issue, you must breathe.
  5. Make someone else smile – You had better make your clients smile. Right off the bat, make your clients smile. Then, continue to make your clients smile. In fact, making your clients smile could be the very definition of winning as a real estate agent. Satisfied clients smile. Unsatisfied clients don’t.

A great attitude will serve you well in your real estate agent career as well as in your every day life. Practice what’s above. Also, don’t forget to read the other 5 habits to create a positive, winning, attitude on Fulfillment Daily.

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