Free Publicity for Your Real Estate Business – Part 1

Renae | March 15, 2016 | Marketing

Free Publicity for Your Real Estate Business - Part 1Every real estate agent has a great story – even you! If you dig deep enough or open your eyes a little wider, you might see some of the unique human interest stories that the local media will eat up. Getting free publicity through editorial can draw thousands more eyeballs to your real estate business and result in potential leads that only took an investment of your time and creativity.

In this post, let’s look at what stories might be compelling enough to print. In the next two posts, we’ll share what types of media to contact and how you can get in front of them.

Seasonal Angle

You never know what your local media will be interested in at any given time. One way to at least get closer to what they might want is to step back and look at the big picture. It’s spring, for example, so the local media may be interested in printing out a tips list for sellers and home buyers for the busy season. They might want your insight (it doesn’t hurt to ask) on how the local market is looking for the season. A broad outlook on the upcoming season (busy spring or slow winter, for example) that is timely can work wonders for getting printed.

Client Stories

Who doesn’t love a heartwarming tale of someone who beat incredible odds or did something extraordinary? Think about client stories with an interesting angle (pending permission of the homeowner, of course!). Did you help someone in a significant way who was having particular trouble because of a personal hardship to sell or buy a home? Have you sold homes to a number of veterans? Is there a unique family that just bought a home with you whom people would love to know about?

Neighborhood Expert

This is probably one of the more solid publicity angles, as it may keep reporters coming back to you when they need a story or stats in the area(s) you serve.  In particular, if you took on the challenge years or even quarters ago, for example, of selling homes in an up-and-coming area and have now dominated it, you likely know the ins and outs of that neighborhood. (This is a good opportunity to share a bullet list of changes and impacts you have seen or made throughout that time.)

Reporters love stats, so if you have some that won’t violate local disclosure laws (perhaps number of homes sold year-over-year if it’s significant, average sale price difference year-over-year, etc.) coupled with some commentary on the changes, then you could get quoted and be seen as a true expert.

Make a List of Stories for Free Publicity

The point is to find stories that make people say, “Wow” or “Hmmm…” or “I didn’t know that!” You can even run your story ideas by a colleague or family member who will honestly tell you “yay” or “nay.” Look at the calendar and find holidays that might be good for tips lists or local developments that you can comment on from a residential real estate perspective. Once you have an idea of timely or significantly moving/informative stories, it’s time to figure out who to call.

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