Getting Closest to the Dollar for Agents

Renae Virata | August 4, 2017 | Best Practices

Getting Closest to the Dollar for AgentsWhat are your top reasons for being a real estate agent? Why do you love what you do? It could be working with people, making an impact on people’s lives or working in a dynamic industry that never has a dull moment. Of course, on every agent’s top three should be the obvious reason: the financial opportunity!

This is why “working closest to the dollar” matters.

What is Working Closest to the Dollar

Every industry can benefit from this mindset. But what does it mean? Working closest to the dollar means focusing your efforts every day on the activities that make you the most money.

In real estate, this means any marketing activity or best practice that:

  • Brings more solid, qualified leads.
  • Converts leads to clients.
  • Accelerates both of these.

Real Estate Opportunities to Look Out for

So what are the best opportunities for real estate agents to look out for to get closer to the dollar?

In regards to leads, it can vary from agent to agent and market to market. This is the perfect time to take a look at your annual and seasonal leads resources to see what led to the most qualified leads.

Perhaps your best real estate lead resources were from networking events. Maybe they came from articles that you’ve been writing monthly for a local magazine. You might even have some very basic but effective lead generation tactics like referrals and outreach through mailers, eblasts and social media.

For client conversion, many agents find success from a consistent, steady stream of follow-up that includes emails, phone calls and texts. At what point, you should ask yourself, do they convert?

How to Make Opportunities Work for You

Once you identify your personal best opportunities for leads and clients, do more of those things – and better!

For example, if social media yields the best leads for you, find other ways besides your Facebook page and ads to generate more. Perhaps you improve your ads and do more different ones or find markets where many transplants are coming from to your market and experiment with ads to them.

If your client conversions seem to take flight after a certain number of calls, at certain times of the day and with certain messages, you might cut out emails and texts and go straight to these go-to steps.

So What is the Goal?

The overall goal of getting closest to the dollar as a real estate agent is to evaluate your daily and weekly activities then doing more of those and better. It’s refining what works that yields you the most and quickest opportunities. You save time, focus and energy so you can actually see your business grow. Plus, you can keep a steady pipeline of business, which any business person can appreciate!

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Renae Virata