How To Get Listing Leads Online: Think Like A Home Seller

homevalueleads | September 16, 2013 | Marketing

Today’s real estate market is drastically different than it was a year ago. Across the country, buyers are out in droves but listing inventory is at an all time low in many areas. The smart agents are changing gears and focusing a large part of their marketing on how to get listing leads. So, how exactly are you supposed to get home listing leads? Think like a home seller.

So, what are questions that people ask themselves before listing their home for sale? These same questions are what they will type into Google and try to find an answer. Then, answer those questions based on your market and get your content in as many different forms as possible.

Blogging has been one of the revolutions for real estate, when used correctly. You could use a stand alone product like or on your own site. If you don’t have a website that supports blogging, then you are missing out on some great search engine traffic. You should try WordPress for your real estate website. Discussing your local market conditions is a great way to get listing leads online.

Video is another great tool that is highly effective, yet few agents are taking advantage of it. YouTube is owned by Google, so obviously Google will rank videos very well in their indexing and are another great way to get real estate listing leads online.

Direct Mail is a tool that you can use to get into the mailbox of people who may be considering selling their home. By utilizing data from your MLS or various other sources, you can discover what areas are hot and send targeted mailings to them using tools such as Every Door Direct Mail from the United States Postal Service.

Landing pages, such as Home Value Leads, are a great tool if you can drive traffic to them. Using Google Pay Per Click advertising and Facebook ads are 2 of the best ways to do this. In addition, you can always use the methods above and write a blog post about home valuations and include a link to your site, do a video about the local market and offer a free home valuation tool if they visit your website, or send out direct mail to get people to visit your site. If you sign up for Home Value Leads, we have a Facebook group where we discuss best practices for driving traffic to your Home Value Leads website to generate listing leads.

Listing leads are the cornerstone of a great real estate business. Of course we would love for you to check out Home Value Leads. We are a highly optimized landing page that allows you to get seller listing leads before they have ever talked to another agent. Click the buttons below to get a free trial or see what a sample lead looks like. What other ways have you used to generate listing leads that have worked well for you?

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Home Value Leads offers optimized lead generation for real estate agents using lead capture websites to grow home listing pipelines. We continually test all aspects of our lead websites to ensure high conversion rates at the lowest cost per lead. New features are added regularly to enhance the experience of potential sellers and listing agents.