Top 5 Ways To Generate Leads In Real Estate

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Every successful agent knows how to generate leads in real estate on a regular basis.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be very successful. In the real estate industry, a lead is specific information relative to a potential buyer or seller.

It’s much more efficient to target an individual who’s already thinking about listing or buying property rather than trying to target the general public.

If a lead comes from someone a potential client already knows and trusts, then the agent has a key advantage over any other agents when following up on the lead. Here are a few key strategies that successful agents employ to gain business:

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Stay in Contact with Past Clients

A good real estate agent stays in contact with all their former clients. They send mail regularly (monthly or quarterly), with helpful information including local real estate news and tips, or sometimes a small gift like a calendar.

This not only reminds them that they’re still an active agent, but more importantly they can generate leads for you by referring a friend, colleague, or family member that may be in need of expert real estate services.

Social Media

Agents use the power of social media to generate leads in real estate by posting any news and ‘going-ons’ relative to their business.

Just remember that social media is supposed to be social, so keep a good balance of personal vs business posts on your personal profile. Social media should be more about them and less about you.

It’s not enough to have a presence on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but interaction is a must as well.• Agents Present Themselves as an Authority

Whenever agents are out-of-town at a real estate seminar, class, or convention, they always make it a point to pass out their business card.

Interacting with fellow agents in different communities and paying for quality referrals is typical real estate protocol for most agents.

If they make a good impression, and present themselves as the key authority in their area, it’s likely they’ll generate leads in the form of referrals for clients who may be shopping for a new place in their neck of the woods.

Of course sending referrals out to other agents is a great way to stay on top of their mind as well.• Establish Relationships

Agents establish solid relationships with a variety of professionals including bankers, movers, insurance agents, lenders, attorneys, and other small business owners. All it takes is just one good relationship to set up a ‘domino effect’ that could generate leads long into the future. Same thing goes here: sending them referrals is a great way to remind them to send you some.

Start a Blog

Many agents have their own blog or website that revolves around their business. They post tons of helpful tips, information, market statistics and local events to show that they are the authority in that area.

Combine this with some good calls to action for a copy of the market report, the ability to search for homes, or an area newsletter and you can be well on your way to generating leads like never before.

These are just a few effective ways on how to generate leads in real estate.

The most successful agents are also the most creative so look at your own practices and see where and how you can generate more leads from your current clients and sphere, and where you need to open up your marketing for cost effective lead generation.

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