G Suite for Agents: Tips for Better Business

Renae Virata | March 13, 2017 | Real Estate Technology Product Reviews

G Suite for Agents: Tips for Better BusinessIn our last post, we discussed the basics of G Suite and how it can help you and your team better organize and collaborate. As a Now let’s take a closer look at ho

Create Scripts with the Team

Scripts are only one example of the many documents you can virtually collaborate with your team on through your G Suite account. For example, if you create a document using Docs for scripts, you can ask your team to add the call scripts they use with leads and/or clients as they happen. You can then store this document in your team’s Drive, continuously adding to it as more scripts arise.

Create and Send Surveys

Surveys are a great way to collect interesting data that you can share in social media posts and write about on your blog. Google Forms allows you to quickly create surveys for pretty much anything. For example, you can make a fun survey that revolves around the top entertainment and dining spots in the neighborhood. Or you can use it to collect testimonials from clients to easily include on your website and newsletters.

You could use SurveyMonkey, for example, but if you already have G Suite, you can collect all answers in one Google Sheet that your whole team can see.

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Share Documents with Clients

This could be a huge one for your and your clients when email begins to be too much to handle. You can create a folder for your client in Google Drive then create a sub-folder to which your client has access that includes all of their documents.

The benefit of setting up this system is that you can easily keep track of where documents are as can your clients. No digging on both sides for the most current one. You may have to manage the folder to make sure that every document is, indeed, in the folder and is the most current.

Google Hangout Meetings

Virtual meetings save time and effort when you need to have more than a conversation with a client, for example, but don’t necessarily need to drive for miles to meet. Google Hangout is one of the best video conferencing tools out there and can be included in your Calendar invites for easy sign-on.

Google Hangout gives your conversations with clients that more personal touch that can distinguish you from other agents and help you see your client’s behavioral cues.

Time Management

Finally, time management through Google Calendar. We heard this tip from one real estate agent super user of G Suite who uses her Google Calendar as a project/process management tool.

She creates a separate, color-coded calendar for each client then shares the calendar with her client. For a client who is about to list, for example, she includes each projects for cleaning, staging and photography. Then, she includes the final listing date. When a client has a buyer, then a whole new set of steps and deadlines in the process are added. It helps keep everyone organized, looking ahead and on-time with any tasks that need to be completed.

Are you excited to try G Suite yet? Give it a shot and let us know how you use it for your real estate business.


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Renae Virata