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Follow-up is keyYou’ve probably heard this a million times (we’re about to make it a million and ONE):

It’s the little things that matter the most.

When it comes to your leads, lovingly garnered from Home Value Leads or anyplace else, it’s the littlest thing—the thing that isn’t shiny, that isn’t new, that isn’t earth-shattering—that is the biggest thing of all.


That’s right, follow-up. Is this a groundbreaking revelation? Nope (or, at least, it shouldn’t be), but that doesn’t change the fact that a great many business people—REALTORS chief among them—either don’t do it at all or are terrible at it.

Riddle me this.

Why would you pay—whether it’s a bajillion dollars or just a few cents—good money for leads and then not do anything with them? I know a lot of real estate agents and I don’t know a single one who would intentionally torch money (y’all know this is true), but when you let follow-up fall through the cracks, that’s tantamount to sitting around, setting dollar bills on fire all day long.

I’ll pause for a minute while you guys collect yourselves. No, it’s OK. I’ll wait.

In this day and age, whether you’re part of a team or working on your own, there is no reason not to kick butt at follow-up. There are a more tools, apps, tricks and tips at your disposal than you could shake a stick at that will not only help you stay on top of your leads and make sure you’re keeping up, but to make sure that your follow-up is 100% solid awesome.

There are, in fact, so many options out there to help you out that we could go on ad nauseous for ages, but we’ll get you started with just a few:

Follow Up Boss

FollowUpBossIf you haven’t checked out Follow Up Boss, well, you SHOULD. It’s way cool. Using one simply system, FUB all of your leads so you can respond faster, do more follow up, see your hottest leads and keep your agents accountable and on-track. But wait! There’s more! For every new lead Follow Up Boss calls your phone or sends you a text message instantly. That’s just solid awesome.

DID YOU KNOW? Calling within the first 5 minutes means you are 100 times more likely to contact that lead than calling 30 minutes later.

Happy Grasshopper

happy grasshopper logoIf any follow-up program embodied the spirit of “set it and forget it,” it’s Happy Grasshopper. Happy Grasshopper is email follow up for your sphere. Every three weeks, they send lighthearted messages to the folks you need to maintain relationships with after the deal is done (you don’t want those people to fall by the wayside, dontcha know). The messages aren’t sales pitches, they aren’t pleas for more referrals, they’re just clever ways of saying “Hi, there!”

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.


contactually-logoOne of the reasons people often let follow-up slip through the ol’ cracks is that they are just too darned busy (I mean, there’s Facebook to be checked, YouTube videos to be watched … where does it end?) You’ve got people out there who can help you amp up your business game, but if you’re not keeping in touch with them, are they going to send you referrals (or anything else)? Probably not. That’s why Contactually is so great. You connect your accounts—Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, etc.—and then Contactually reminds you to follow up with them.

Yes, it’s just that easy.


realvolve logoAs high-toned CRMs go, Realvolve is pretty sweet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to set it up (I’m certainly not one and I was able to do it in a SNAP). And folks? It keeps track of EVERYTHING. Every note, every email, every everything. It works seamlessly with pretty much any application you could ever think of, including just about every other CRM there is. Realvolve has a ton under its hood and, for very little money, you’ll get something that’ll manage your relationships better than the old school, “OH MY GOD! How do I do this??” types of systems.

A wise man once said: “The best CRM is the one you use.

A good point there (she says in her best Ferris Bueller voice). You spend lots of time and energy—not to mention money—building the leads in your database. Don’t squander all of that by forgetting to follow up. Have questions or a great follow up tool to recommend? Follow up in the comments below!

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