FAQ: I’m Not Getting Any Leads!!

Home Value Leads | June 13, 2014 | Current Client Questions, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’m not generating any leads. Why not?

Answer: There could be a number of reasons why your site is not generating any leads.

1) Are you driving traffic to the site? – With our real estate landing pages, you are responsible for driving traffic to the site yourself. If you aren’t driving any traffic to the site, then you obviously won’t be getting any leads.

2) Are you using PPC advertising? Perhaps your ad is not effective. Take a screenshot of your ad (we recommend Awesome Screenshot) along with the targeting you are using and either send it to Eric or Brian via email, Facebook private message, or post it publicly into the HVL group for the group to comment on. And make sure you have watched the Facebook Ad Walkthrough video on the HVL Start Guide.

3) Have you checked your dashboard? If you didn’t set up lead notification when you set up your site, it could be that you just aren’t being notified that you have leads. Log into the back end and double check.

If you have checked out everything else and aren’t sure why you aren’t getting any leads, then contact Eric or Brian for further assistance.

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