FAQ: I can’t access the articles you sent me!

homevalueleads | June 9, 2014 | Current Client Questions, Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The links to the helpful articles you sent me by email aren’t working. Why not?

Answer: The most common reason for this is because you haven’t been added to the Home Value Leads private group where those documents live. There are 2 ways to be added to the HVL group:
1) Send a friend request to Brian Rayl or Eric Marke (clicking on these names will take you straight to their page). Once you have sent them a friend request, also send them a message asking to be added to the private group so that they know who you are.

2) Send Eric or Brian an email with the email address you use to log in to Facebook so that we can add you without being friends. You can either reply to any of the emails that we send you, or submit the link using our Contact Us Page.

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