Facebook Messenger: An Agent’s Best Friend?

Renae Virata | November 18, 2016 | Marketing

Facebook Messenger: An Agent's Best Friend?If you are a real estate agent with a Facebook business page, then you have no doubt communicated to your leads and clients through Facebook Messenger. Responding to messages in this way gives you another opportunity to be accessible to questions and improve your reputation as a real estate brand.

With one billion people visiting Facebook pages every month and the same number on Messenger, it’s important to maintain a consistent responsiveness time. According to Facebook, “Pages that respond to 90% of messages and have a median response time of less than five minutes will now have a ‘Very responsive to messages’ badge on their profiles.”

Here are some ways that Facebook has made it easier for admins of business pages like you increase that response time and look like a service pro in front of your Facebook fans.

The Facebook Messenger “Away” Status

What happens when you are busy showing homes or running listing meetings and can’t get to your messages right away? Facebook now has an answer for that.


It’s called the Away status. It’s a simple toggle that you can find under your “Message” tab on your Facebook page that you can turn on and off. When it’s enabled, the time that you are unable to get to a message right away is not counted towards your responsiveness time.

This is a great feature as it forgives those many moments when you would like to respond but are away from your phone or computer.

Instant Replies

Just because you can’t respond right away doesn’t mean you want to leave your leads and clients in the lurch. You can also send out an Instant Reply automatically to let visitors to your site who send you a message know when you’ll be getting back to them.

You can customize your response, too. For real estate agents, we suggest sending out a note that tells them how long it will take for you to respond and that in the meantime, they should check out your website for the latest listings and other information you think they will find helpful as they wait for your response.

Saving Responses to Common Questions


Have you ever caught yourself wanting to respond to a Facebook message in between, say, appointments, or on that coffee run before an important listing appointment but just can’t find a good minute to write your response?

Facebook gives you the ability to save replies to your most common questions, easily access and send them with one button. You can also edit your save reply in case you want to add or modify something like an address or appointment time.

Redesigned Inboxes

This is perhaps one of the coolest features that Facebook Messenger has to offer. When you click on a message, a brief profile summary of the sender pops up on the page. It gives you a chance to see who had sent the message and general information like where they live. What’s more, you can actually tag them so you can keep them organized in your Messenger inbox. One way we think this would be beneficial is by an address for a particular listing.

Instead of shying away from Facebook Messenger, it’s time to embrace it. Facebook has recognized that busy professionals like you need more tools that align with their schedules and lifestyle. If you haven’t already, then start seeing how you can connect more with people from your page and watch your business and brand grow.


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Renae Virata