Even 4 More Social Media Real Estate Tips

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Listing presentations are the bread and butter of real estate agent success. Without listing presentations, agents would never sell properties. Most home sellers only contact one or two real  estate agents, which is why most real estate agents should consider creating pre-listing presentations so that they can get ahead of their competitors. However, pre-listing presentations do real estate agents no good if they exist in a vacuum, if there isn’t some way for agents to call attention to attention grabbing pre-listing presentations.

A great way to call attention to any pre-listing presentation, or anything a real estate agent wishes to convey, is via social media. Check out 4 more important and highly effective social media tips that will help real estate agents generate leads.  

Even 5 More Great Social Media Real Estate Tips


  1. Go Social Live at a Property

Social media’s all about engagement. What’s a better way to engage with potential clients than to go socially live at a property? When real estate agents go socially live at a property, they can showcase the property to a wide audience without having those individuals show up at the property.

Going socially live can do wonders for real estate agents. It automatically brands agents as experts and can even help agents find potential buyers.   

  1. Create a social media links on your site

A social media link is pretty much anything that serves your social media audience. You can set up links to perform specific tasks. For example, you can create a social media link to your Facebook landing page.

Then, on your Facebook landing page, you might have a video that immediately plays describing how you create listing presentations, your latest sale, or other information about you that makes you a real estate agent.

Links like this, that go from your website to specific things on your social media landing page, can generate leads.

  1. Sponsor a Local Event

Getting involved in the community is an excellent way for real estate agents to remain relevant. By sponsoring local events, agents can not only network and possibly find leads, they can post those events onto their social media sites. By doing so, agents can add a human touch to their social sites.

  1. Use Social Media to Stay Relevant

Stay relevant by commenting on the latest real estate agent industry news. Social media’s a great way for you to keep in touch and stay top of mind. However, to keep relevant, you must continue to engage your social media audiences with insightful comments.

Start conversations around interest rates, homes for sale, or anything real estate agent related. This will no doubt keep you top of mind. It could also generate leads, which is the real goal.


Pre-listing presentations are great, but it’s difficult to convey how great your attention grabbing pre-listing presentation is, or whatever information you wish to convey without good social media practices. The above 4 social media tips should help you not only come off as a real estate agent expert, but also help you generate sales leads, and that’s the real goal.

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