Effective Pre-Listing Presentation Elements

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A pre-listing presentation could put you ahead of your competition. In one of our recent blogs, we actually discussed the 4 reasons you should consider a pre-listing presentation. Just as a refresher the 4 reasons are:  a) sellers only contact 1 or 2 agents to provide listing presentations, b) you can get in front of your competition by explaining why home sellers should go with you, c) you can present information before the face-to-face meeting, and d) real estate agents can shorten the time it takes to get the in-person meeting.

Now that we know the reasons why you and all real estate agents should consider a pre-listing presentation, check out 5 effective pre-listing presentation elements. These 5 things should help you create winning pre-listing presentations that allow you to get ahead of your competition.   

5 Top Effective Pre-Listing Presentation Elements

  1. Find a name that catches sellers’ attention

Real estate agents can’t just call their pre-listing presentations anything. They most definitely can’t name their pre-listing presentations after themselves. Think the way a home seller might think. What would catch a home seller’s attention?

Consider the steps a home seller might go through when they first start the process of selling their residence. Come up with a name that will catch the seller’s attention by putting on the seller’s shoes.

  1. Explain how homes are bought and sold

Many home sellers don’t understand what drives home buyers. You can use this section to position yourself as an expert on two things:  a) features and b) price. Those are the two things that most home buyers look for when purchasing. Buyers either strive to find value in features, or value in price. If they can find value in both, they’ll work had to purchase the home.

By setting yourself up as an expert on price before the actual face-to-face meeting, you can knock down pricing push back much easier than if you went into an in-person meeting cold.

  1. Introduce yourself as an expert


You’re an expert at selling homes. Write a letter to all home sellers explaining what makes you an expert at selling homes. In the letter, it’s important that you detail what makes you the real estate agent they should hire to sell their home. If you want to add a testimonial via a strong story, absolutely do that.

Nothing screams expert like a great story with a positive outcome. In addition to that, you must get across that you’ll be attentive to their needs and that you have the experience, or at lest know-how, to sell any home to any target market. By getting this type of knowledge across, you’ll save a lot of time once they decide on looking at your actual listing presentation.

Oh, yes, although most real estate agents know this, you must include a biography. If you just got your agent license, the introduction letter’s a great way to destroy any walls sellers automatically put up that keeps them from going with inexperienced real estate agents. Take the opportunity to brand yourself an expert even if you recently got your license.

  1. Explain how you drum up interest

A story might work here. You could also use examples and client testimonials. Really, what you’re trying to do is come across as a real estate agent who’s successfully marketed homes for sale. If you’re new to the real estate industry, present yourself as an expert through research.

Also, make sure home sellers understand that marketing gets people to the door, but it won’t sell any homes. Price and features that represent value sells homes. That’s what’s going to drum up interest. There’s only so much marketing can do.

  1. Show your accomplishments

There’s nothing wrong with chest beating if you do it in a way that doesn’t make you come off as cocky. Confidence is great. Nobody likes cockiness. Show your accomplishments. You’re competing with a pool of other great real estate agents. You must show sellers why you’re the best.

After real estate agents decide they want to create a pre-listing presentation, they should include the 5 most effective elements: an attention catching name, an explanation of how homes are sold and bought, an introduction that paints the agent as an expert, an explanation of how the agent will interest buyers, and a few things about the agent’s accomplishments. By doing so, real estate agents can create listing presentations that lead to more face-to-face meetings.

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