Don’t Sell, Educate…As Much as You Can

Home Value Leads | May 22, 2018 | Best Practices

In our blog about hard selling and soft selling, we discussed that although the real estate agent industry frowns on hard selling, sometimes hard selling is what’s best for both the agent and the client. Hard selling isn’t always taboo.

One of the reasons why hard selling isn’t taboo is because hard selling could lead to a happy client. Sometimes, client’s don’t know what the best possible deal is. That’s why you must hard sell the client on the deal.

The best way to prevent having to hard sell in the first place is to not sell at all. There’s been countless blogs, books, and seminars on how to educate clients instead of selling to them. Although it’s a great idea, the first thing to know is that it doesn’t always work.

You might always have to hard sell to some clients. You might always have to soft sell to others. Trying to educate instead of selling should be a goal, not an end all be all. That’s why the title of this blog is Don’t Sell, Educate…As Much as You Can, not Don’t Ever Sell, Always Educate.

Here are a few ways to educate your clients. We got these things from The Balances MB.

  1. Educate your clients about what you can and can’t do as a real estate agent

Don’t pretend that you’re an expert about fixing a leaky roof, or whether the garage is up to par. However, you should be an expert at finding experts. If your client needs an appraiser or inspector, you should help your client find both.

  1. Educate your clients about how low offers can lead to paying more later

Low offers aren’t evil. They make sense in a lot of ways. It helps to know how low you can go right away. But, low offers can be turn offs to sellers. There’s a chance that someone already came in with a high offer. There’s also always the chance that the client, the one who wants to low ball the seller, does really, truly, want the home.

  1. Educate your clients as to why purchase price isn’t the only thing to consider

Purchase price isn’t the only thing to consider. Many times, a super low purchase price could lead to a buyer not receiving money for repairs, or other concessions that they need. Educate buyers to how purchase price is just another part of the whole package. That should prevent buyers from wanting to beat down sellers on purchase price.  

  1. Educate your clients to things that could slow the process.

Purchasing or selling a house is a big deal. Whenever something’s a big deal, a myriad of different things could come about that slows the process. Educate your clients to how slow the process could become.

Do this upfront. The reason is because if clients, buyers or sellers, know things could slow the process, they won’t freak out once the process actually slows.

We’re not opposed to hard selling or soft selling. Not selling and educating is only a goal. By thinking of it as a goal, real estate agent’s like you should find plenty of success. Try to educate by bringing up the above four listed things.

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