Don’t Hate on the Partial Leads – Embrace Them!

Renae Virata | May 15, 2017 | Best Practices

Don’t Hate on the Partial Leads – Embrace Them!We recently had a Home Value Leads community member ask how to get rid of partial leads. It was hard not to shout, No! While complete leads are the ideal real estate leads to get, you should never discount partial leads. They are, after all, leads!

Defining Partial Real Estate Leads

So, what is a partial real estate leads, for those of you who don’t exactly know? It’s a lead that you get from a source from, say, something like Home Value Leads that has minimal information. This is information that you cannot use right away to contact someone. You might get a name or an address, for example.

To make a complete lead, you would need a phone number, email address or, if you’re lucky, both!

How to Make a Partial Lead Complete

With only a name or a mailing address, you can easily complete a partial lead to locate more direct contact information.

First, don’t completely discount an address if that’s all you’re given. Snail mail is not dead, contrary to what many may believe, so simply mail a letter to your prospect. Better yet, handwrite it on a notecard.

With this card, you can send them reports that include comps in their area as well as a document of current listings. The proof is in the pudding, so if anything will encourage a partial lead to pay attention this information will!

Second, use your online skills to dig out the information. If you only have a mailing address, you can do a search in the local county tax appraisal database. Or use one of several online databases such as Blockshopper or Arvify.

What if you only have a name? You can uses these same resources, but it might require a little more digging!

What Next?

That contact with your partial leads doesn’t end with that initial mailer, phone call or email. It’s important to create a follow-up schedule.

In your CRM system, make sure you tag this lead as a partial lead then set up a steady stream of correspondence. This includes phone calls, emails and text messages over a period of time and at pre-set intervals. We have a handy guide for following up that you can use to incorporate your partial real estate leads into your marketing program.

Conversation Tips for Partial Leads

Yay, you finally got the partial lead to a complete lead – and got in touch with them! Before your freeze up, here are some common conversation tips to help move the lead along and hopefully snag a client.

Start off the conversation with a concise and direct question: I’m working on your home valuation but had a quick question: Have you made any improvements that would add value to the property?

We LOVE this question because it’s truly consultative and encourages an answer that naturally engages the lead.

What if someone forgets why they had even contacted you in the first place? You can respond in one of two ways. The first is to apologize, assume it was another person in their family then ask them directly if they were thinking of selling. Basically, find a way to re-direct the conversation back to the business at hand.

If you can’t reach them and have to leave a message, mention that your ready to send them some information to help them sell their home but that you are missing their email address. Let them know you are also happy to mail it to them. Then finish up by leaving your contact info.

Partial leads don’t have to be a dead end! With a simple plan of designating time in the day to perform some research, contact them and to follow up, you might just add them to your client list in no time.

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Renae Virata