Cool Summer Closing Gifts Any Client Would Love

Renae Virata | July 20, 2016 | Best Practices

Cool Summer Closing Gifts Any Client Would LoveSummer is one of those seasons in real estate that make it super easy to give a good closing gift. But instead of the typical wine and summer desserts, why not go a fresher route? Here is our list of awesome summer closing gifts that your clients will truly appreciate.

Wooden Patio Cooler

No doubt you found the perfect home with the perfect patio that your client had always dreamed of (and incessantly told you he needed). Help him and his family celebrate with a wooden patio cooler. This gift speaks volumes about your paying close attention to what your client might love most about his home and will help him readily enjoy his backyard space in no time.

Coolers range in price, starting at $100, so if you are ready to shell out the cash, consider this a done deal. Many retailers even offer customizable or pre-made coolers with team emblems, for example. A little research will also reveal a wide range of wood hues, so make your best guess as to what matches your client’s style.

Pool Accoutrements

If your client’s property includes a pool, help them accessorize with some great pool accessories. For those who like a little ambience at night, light up their world with a floating lamp. These also range in price, but any pool store should have an affordable set. These gorgeous ones on Amazon are unique and affordable.

To cater to every member of the family, include a gift set with stylish beach towels, adorable floats in shapes like donuts and sea animals for the kids and a water volleyball set.

Soft Serve Maker

For the ice cream lover, a soft serve maker is a great summer gift. Imagine the fun the family will have when they come together to make a delicious serving of soft serve ice cream for them and their guests. Cuisinart has a wonderful version that looks as good in use as it does just sitting on the counter.

To add some extra panache to your gift, include ingredients for the soft serve maker like toppings, recipe ideas and ice cream cones.

Backyard Games

In the same spirit of summer fun, you might give your client a backyard game set. Bocce ball is making a big comeback, for example.Ā Other popular games include cornhole and ladderball. Dick’s Sporting Goods, which you can find in virtually every major city, has a great selection of outdoor games that any family can enjoy.

For the Birds

It might sound kitschy, but your clients will appreciate it when their little feathered friends come to visit often. This is a great summer closing gift for clients who live in areas where there are lots of trees. Even if they have a small backyard, a birdhouse can make a stylish statement and bring more nature to their doorstep. Teakwood Central has a large variety in a number of looks.

You can find a variety of unique birdhouses that cater to a multitude of personal styles. To add an extra personal touch, include a bag of birdseed and a birdwatching book.

Are you ready to give your clients a summer closing gift they’ll remember? What other ideas do you have? Share them on our Facebook page or leave your comment below.

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Renae Virata