Convincing Lot Owners They Can’t Sell Alone

Home Value Leads | January 28, 2015 | Marketing

Convincing Lot Owners They Can’t Sell AloneWe all know selling a lot is a completely different animal from selling a home – and can be more lucrative. Most land sellers are convinced by the hundreds of articles they read online that they can sell their lot on their own. So it’s important as a real estate agent to give these prospective clients strong, clear reasons why you can help them sell it faster and better. Here are a few tips to help you get more land leads.

You Can Find Buyers More Easily.

The number one pain for sellers going the FSBO route is finding qualified buyers. As a real estate selling agent, this is and should be the number one reason why they need you. What could be better for a seller than the kind of direct access only you have to buying agents and builders? Highlight the significant legwork the seller can reduce with the resources you already have at hand. Don’t be afraid to challenge their current plan and ask where they intend to find buyers.

Knowledge (and Experience!) is Power

Your knowledge of the local market is another pivotal point to convince sellers they need your help. Without divulging too much, give them tidbits of what you know about the area, including recent home sales, demographics and trends. A list of your successful transactions selling similar lots or homes in the area as well as your record of time on the market for these properties can be a good measure for them to consider, too. On the flip side, your experience has also given you insight into who target buyers are for their particular lot in that area. You’ve done the research and been in the trenches – convince them that you can help them avoid costly mistakes.

Save Them Money

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Advertising and marketing are the most expensive costs when selling a lot, especially with the lower demand for such properties. You already know where and how to advertise, so this can not only save effort but money in the long run. Tailor your advertising and marketing campaign to the target market that, through your own careful research, you’ve decided makes sense for the property and share your plan with the seller. They will feel more confident knowing that all you have to do on their behalf is plug and chug.

Make the Lot Picture Perfect

If the lot owner doesn’t have a clue about sales in general, you can bet they haven’t given much thought to packaging the “product”. Give examples of tactical ideas they may not have thought of to sell their land effectively. Renderings and/or blueprints for potential builds on the lot that you can provide through your professional resources shows a concerted effort on your part as well as, to them, outside-the-box thinking. “Staging” the lot with fresh cut of grass, removing trash and debris and removing unsightly fences or structures can go a long way toward making a sale both for you and for your client.

Scare Them with the Paperwork

This sounds cruder than it is, but sellers will likely breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing they don’t have to deal with all of the overwhelming forms, titles, surveys and other paperwork needed throughout the process. You can help reduce their anxiety, confusion and costly mistakes by presenting yourself as a guide who can navigate the nitty-gritty for them. Pricing the lot and negotiating the final sales price can be even more daunting, so be sure to include these steps in your presentation. Give them confidence that you are out for their best interest, can help make the process less painful and, in the end, more lucrative.

With a little patience and the right plan, you can convince sellers that, together, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect buyer for their lot.


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