Facebook Posts for Real Estate Agents Worth Liking

Renae Virata | April 15, 2016 | Marketing

Facebook Posts for Real Estate Agents Worth LikingHopefully, you’ve gotten the hang of Facebook. We’re not just talking ads but also the posts that you include every day. It can be hard to come up with Facebook posts that you would like them to engage with and share.

Besides the listings, blog post mentions, client testimonials and other regular post fare, you might consider a few unique types of posts to include. Here are a few examples of more compelling posts that you can sprinkle into you social media schedule to get your fans more excited.

On the Road Again

As an agent, you are on the road more than most professionals. Use these moments to actually share with your Facebook audience what you do every day.

People love a little insight into other’s days (so long as it’s not what you ate for lunch), so use that to your advantage. You may have come upon a beautiful flower that has bloomed on a property you are visiting, signaling the first signs of spring. Or encountered something funny on your way to a showing.

Take a photo and post it with a clever caption to break down the monotony of the same old posts.

This also works great if you are preparing for a showing or an open house. A photo of the spread you have put together and a breezy “Getting ready for our open house at ___” can show prospects what you do in order to sell a property.

Amazing Property Features

We all love some inspiration once in a while, and daydream about cool features we would like to have in our own homes. If you find an exciting feature for one of your properties, shoot it and post it. You’ll be surprised at how many head-turning Facebook posts will garner likes and the potential for questions on a property just from one photo.

Some great examples are a fabulous pool area, deck or balcony with a gorgeous view or a fireplace or feature from another time that has been beautifully preserved. A simple, “Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every day?” is a great way to sell without actually selling.

Celebrating the Holidays

Every season has a holiday where people decorate. Whole neighborhoods, for example, set up flags alongside street curbs, making for a beautiful patriotic display. Take a great pic of the flag-lined street you encounter and mention where and how cool it is to see such pride.

Winter holidays are especially exciting at night with neighbors trying to come up with the best light show.


Your Own Quotes

Sometimes the most clever quotes come from our own mouths or out of those we work with. Share those moments by creating a cool image overlaid with the quote and who said it. Be sure to make some mention of when the quote was said or why in order to give it more context.

Tips that Make an Impact

So, we mention that tips are the same-old, same-old Facebook posts, but why not post the tip with a funny picture? A plethora of images abound on the Internet for you to use and include with your posts. GIFs are a great addition, too, especially from favorite movies.

Don’t Forget Those Forgotten Holidays

We did a post on unusual holidays, and this is another opportunity to have fun with posts. On National Margarita Day, for example, post a glass of margarita on a table in front of a cafe in a neighborhood you work with “Cheers! Happy National Margarita Day from El Mesero in Sage Heights.” National Stay at Home Day is a great day, too. Ask people to like if they love their house and how they plan to spend time in it that day. For more interesting holidays, you can visit National Day Calendar.

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Renae Virata