Build Interest with “Coming Soon” Real Estate

Renae Virata | September 22, 2017 | Best Practices, Marketing

Build Interest with "Coming Soon" Real EstateYou finally did it. You snagged that listing that you have been working on for a while and are ready to post it. But if you have some time, say weeks, before your client’s listing is absolutely ready, take advantage of it. 

One way to do this is to put out “coming soon” signs and brochures and making it known that yuh have an exciting property on the horizon. This is a great practice to do for any property, but you can get your feet wet with a few truly stand-out homes to start.

Why Publicize Before You List?

It may seem like extra work to share information on an upcoming property, but it’s well worth it in the end. By publicizing a property before it goes on the market, you essentially build anticipation and interest around it.

In today’s market where demand is high and supply is low, this is an especially good idea. Properties located in highly desirable areas or that appeal to a particularly large demographic of home buyers will truly benefit.

How to Publicize a Property Before Listing

As we mentioned before, producing signs and brochures is a great place to start. A strong exterior photo and a few choice internal photos of the home ensures that you show just enough of the property without giving away all of the goods. Show off areas that attract buyers most, such as the kitchen, master and living areas. Make sure the photos clearly show exciting features like special flooring, high end appliances or unique spaces.

Having a dedicated landing page on your website drives traffic to your site  and, of course, provides more information. Be sure to also have your contact information handy.

Take advantage of your email lists, too. If you have one stellar property or several coming up, send out an email and mention when you expect the listing to be on the market.

Distribute brochures at open houses, leave then with your cross-promotion partners and keep some on hand wherever you go. You never know when someone might mention their looking or someone else.

If you have a dedicated landing page for all of your “coming attractions”, then include a link to it on your business card. Let people know when you hand out your cards that they can refer to that link often to get first hand knowledge on properties before everyone else. This helps them feel ahead of the game and more excited about your future listings.

By taking the time to promote listings before they go on the market, you can build a ready audience of future home buyers.

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Renae Virata