Closing Gifts: ‘Tis The Season

Renae Virata | November 28, 2016 | Uncategorized

House gift. Mansion with ribbon and bow. 3dWe love catering to the current season when it comes to closing gift ideas. This past summer, we suggested some great family-oriented, outdoor gifts that your clients would love. For winter, the spirit of giving and cozy cold weather make it an even ideal time to consider some unique and fun winter closing gifts.

Winter Closing Gifts You Can Eat, Drink

  • Personalized seasonings – A number of online companies can create custom blends from their seasonal menus and then affix a label with your personalized message, photo and/or information on them.
  • Move-in meal kit – Short of buying groceries, giving the gift of a special meal with all of the ingredients to make it can mean a lot to a new homeowner. It’s a twist on an old favorite gift that can help your clients enjoy their kitchen for the first time.

Winter Closing Gifts to Use

  • Snowblower – This sounds like a lame-o gift, but for the client who is moving to an area in the dead of winter from one where it barely got to freezing, it could be a lifesaver. Every time they use, they will definitely think of you!
  • Holiday decoration gift basket – This is an especially useful gift for first-time homeowners. Even if you don’t know your clients’ particular style, an outdoor light kit complete with strands of light and clips for the gutters, a classic by stylish door wreath and hanger and a poinsettia or two will help them herald in the season.
  • First Christmas in new home ornament – Ornaments are a favorite for many homeowners and will commemorate this milestone in their lives forever. A simple one that you can personalize online with their name and year or one that goes above and beyond with an actual rendering of their house would be a memorable and special gift for any new homeowner.

Winter Closing Gifts to Remember

These are especially touching for sellers:

  • Framed artistic rendering of their home – We love this idea so home sellers will never forget their last home. This is an especially wonderful gift if they love their home and are sad to leave it.
  • Shutterfly photobook – Another cool way for your selling clients to remember their last home, a photobook is inexpensive and easy to make. The “hard” part is collecting the listing photos and photos of them in front of, outside or or inside their home from sources like Facebook or Instagram.

With a little thought and a lot of creativity, you can break the mold of boring closing gifts and find something that will put you top of mind with clients for years to come.

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Renae Virata