Celebrate July National Months in Your Real Estate Business

Renae Virata | July 13, 2016 | Marketing

Celebrate July National Months in Your Real Estate BusinessDid you know that every month has a reason to celebrate or for awareness in the U.S.? July is no different. It can be a wonderful opportunity to include more fun or personalized content for your blog posts and social media campaigns.

Here are a few of the ones we found for July that are not only relevant to home owners but also provides you a some fresh angles for your newsletters, social media and blog.

National Grilling Month

With outdoor eating at one of its highest points in the year during July, you can use these “holidays” to your advantage. The key is to tie back these culinary concepts back into how they can use their home to make these celebrations a reality.

Who doesn’t love having a grill when they move into their new homes? One of the most exciting selling features of homes today is an outdoor space with a good one, so this is great to talk about for content.

You could provide specific recipes that are unique or ones that are old favorites. This could be a great opportunity, too, to lend some tips on keeping a grilling space organized or how to clean a grill properly. Safety tips remind families of the do’s and don’ts of grilling for a more enjoyable time.

For those who may have a great space but no grill (or need a new one), make some suggestions on grills that you’ve seen at other properties. Talking about other properties in this case brings it home that you pay attention and that you are apprised of all the latest in homes.

National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month

Americana in the summer at its best, everyone loves a good hot dog and ice cream. Again, you could post recipes. A new trend that has re-emerged is creating your own ice cream. Not only is it a cool treat, it’s a neat activity for parents to do with kids to combat summer boredom.

Which brings us to…

National Anti-Boredom Month

Most kids are busy during the summer with summer school, camp and family trips. Some have a lot of spare time to get creative with their parents or might have time in between activities.

To celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month, you could provide a list of great activities that have to do with the home. Some ideas:

  • Creating an indoor or outdoor garden
  • Painting the kids’ room with a fun scene
  • Games to play by the pool
  • Ways to enjoy the kitchen more with the kids

National Picnic Month

How fitting is it that July is National Picnic Month? While it may be too hot for some parts of the country, you could do a cool backyard picnic instead of eating indoors, perhaps when the summer sun has gone down.

Your content could include everything you need for a picnic, recipes and simple ways the family can work together to make it fun. Picnics aren’t just for eating. Families might especially enjoy outdoor games that they can do in the backyard or install for added fun.

National Independent Retailer Month

Finally, this is where your neighborhood expertise comes into play. For the areas you target in your real estate business, you no doubt have a number of independent retailers providing a variety of goods and services to their neighbors.

Stop by one per week and do a video of the space. To give it a personal touch, interview the business owner and feature some of the latest products, dishes or events that they are having.

Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram are great platforms to do instant, in-the-moment snaps and posts to share with your followers.

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