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REALTORS Don’t Like Ethics Complaints. Neither Do Boards Apparently.

Nobody likes to make complaints and no one wants to hear them. In the service industry, it is usually the customer that is making a complaint on the company. However, in this case, we are making a complaint about one of our past clients, and we are submitting that complaint to the state association of […]

Home Value Leads May 23rd, 2014

National MLS: Are You Ready For A Real Estate Revolution?

Last week, I opined if the REALTOR Brand was becoming obsolete. Since that writing, I have had some interesting conversations with people. As I said in the previous article, NAR provides some very vital services for the real estate industry, but is it fighting for the industry as a whole or for the REALTORS that […]


Home Value Leads Dec 18th, 2013

Is NAR and the REALTOR Brand Becoming Obsolete?

With all of the discussion about Realtor.com, Agent Match, and the National Association of REALTORS┬« (NAR) lately, it has crossed my mind that NAR and the REALTOR brand may be becoming obsolete. While claiming to be the “The Voice for Real Estate” with the mission of “help(ing) its members become more profitable and successful,” few […]


Home Value Leads Dec 7th, 2013

Real Estate Success Is Not About Hard Work But The Motivation Behind It

Barbara Corcoran of New York real estate fame and nationally known from the popular TV show “Shark Tank” did an interview with Henry Blodget, the CEO of Business Insider about what makes her business different. The first 45 seconds of the video I was a bit disappointed. She said that if she was pitching her […]


Home Value Leads Nov 20th, 2013

Real Estate Advertising: Rethink Your Approach

Take the next few minutes to watch these commercials. Some are real estate advertising, some are not. Think about how you would connect with them as a consumer. Think about if Apple tried to sell you an iPhone this way. Think about Nike selling you shoes this way or Oakley selling you sunglasses this way. […]


Home Value Leads Nov 12th, 2013