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Safety First at an Open House

Now that you’ve planned a rock-star open house for your new listing, and you rolled out amazing real estate ads, it’s time to consider your safety.  It’s important to factor in your protection ahead of time and to incorporate good safety practices into your everyday schedule.  Have you heard the saying, “expect the best, but plan for […]


Regina Brown May 28th, 2015

Focused Leads: Work with Real Estate Investors

Have you heard the latest on real estate investors in the U.S.? According to a recent report by Visio Financial Services, real estate investor confidence has risen in the past two years. While 24 percent reported intentions to purchase homes in 2013, 38 percent planned to do so in 2014. This year shows even more promise […]


Renae Virata May 19th, 2015

Zestimate, Schestimate: How to Educate Your Clients

Thanks to your partner Home Value Leads, you now have a listing appointment with new sellers.  At the listing appointment, you explain the CMA and present the comps to the sellers.  After giving your suggested price range for the house, they pull out a Zestimate that shows the value much higher than your estimate.  Do you groan in […]


Regina Brown May 18th, 2015

Realtor.com Rebranding Announced

The 2015 Realtors Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo kicked off this week and one of the biggest announcements so far has been the rebranding on Realtor.com. In front of over 2,000 REALTORS, Move CEO Ryan O’Hara released the first of several changes which he described as attempt to “turbocharge the results” and take on Zillow […]

Home Value Leads May 14th, 2015

No Bad Real Estate Leads, Just Bad Follow-Up

If you had joined the recent webinar on generating seller leads online hosted by Rupree’s Kelly Sklar, you would have learned one very valuable lesson from guest speaker and Home Value Leads co-founder Brian Rayl: There is no such thing as bad real estate leads, just bad real estate follow-up. So, I’m going to be […]


Renae Virata May 8th, 2015

What is TheUnlisted.com???

I recently came across an article about the new real estate listing website TheUnlisted.com. But before you get excited, it’s only open to a limited number of agents and is only in one city, Dallas. Doesn’t sound like much of a listing website, does it? But the three Dallas real estate agents (whose bio pics are […]


Renae Virata May 6th, 2015

Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Do Not

Successful people do what unsuccessful people do not. That’s why they are successful, according to Jeff Olson in his book The Slight Edge: Secret to a $uccessful Life. It’s divided into two parts: The Slight Edge and Mastering Your Life. With so much competition in real estate, these words of wisdom may be timely advice […]


Regina Brown May 4th, 2015

Should You Hire a Real Estate Intern?

Sometimes in real estate, work can get just so darn busy that you need a little help here and there to keep you sane and organized. As with any other field or industry, a great option is to hire an intern. Why Hire a Real Estate Intern Hiring an intern is one of the lowest-cost […]


Renae Virata Apr 28th, 2015

Switching from Residential to Commercial Real Estate

Have you ever thought about switching from residential to commercial real estate? Depending on where you live (Houston and Dallas, for example), commercial real estate can prove quite lucrative. But there are some things you should know before changing your real estate focus so you don’t have any surprises. Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Commercial […]


Renae Virata Apr 3rd, 2015

My Friends Look At Zillow Before Ever Calling Me

This post was originally published as a guest post on Inman.com and is being republished here for our audience to discuss. Love them or hate them, Zillow is not going anywhere. Even with ListHub cutting off their feed to Zillow, their business will not suffer. In fact, it could probably make Zillow even more trustworthy […]


Home Value Leads Mar 31st, 2015