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Don’t Be a Pop-Tart Real Estate Agent: Part II

Whenever we come across the latest technology that everyone seems to be raving about, it’s tempting to give it a try. But before you jump on the bandwagon for the hottest new organizational tool, lead generator or CRM, heed these tips to make sure you give each one a fair shot and to keep from being a “pop […]


Renae Virata Jun 24th, 2015

Realtor Safety Apps to Stay Safe as Real Estate Agents

As real estate agents, we often meet new people and show properties to unknown buyers.  That’s our pipeline for future sales, right?  Yes — but we must remember to always stay safe.  It begins with being alert to our environment and watching our surroundings.  Nothing can replace a prepared person.  Today’s blog offers a handful […]


Regina Brown Jun 23rd, 2015

Moving Tips for Packing Up and Heading Out the Right Way

Buying a bigger house may be fun, but packing up is certainly not!  Everyone dreads that packing chore, so make it easy and stress-free for your sellers.  Give them some moving tips by providing a checklist with step-by-step instructions.  Of course, don’t forget to brand yourself and include your company logo at the top of […]


Regina Brown Jun 16th, 2015

Leverage in Real Estate: Time vs Money

Time and money – what is the most valuable for you in your real estate business right now? Most people wish they had both, of course, but for most real estate agents, it makes sense to only focus on one. Knowing and understanding how leverage works may allow you to grow your business exponentially. How […]


Renae Virata Jun 15th, 2015

Real Estate Sales Tracking Spreadsheets

You’re working your Home Value Leads as fast as they come in.  You and your team are processing seller inquiries and now you have listings from your leads.  Listings develop into closings (hooray!) and they’re closing escrow so quickly that you can barely keep track of them.  How do you handle so many sales? Many […]

Regina Brown Jun 12th, 2015

Cost Per Lead Is NOT The Best Metric To Measure

In real estate, as with any business, it’s important to make sure that you measure everything. Real estate business success, especially for your future efforts, depends majorly on the metrics. The more you know and analyze the data you receive on any level, the more likely you can replicate that success. What many real estate […]


Renae Virata Jun 11th, 2015

House Closing Delayed by Seller: Assume It Will Happen

From the time the buyer’s offer was received, your sellers have been anticipating that all-important date:  Close of Escrow.  It seems like their whole life revolves around that date, including moving to their new home, changing their children’s schools, and perhaps even starting work at a new job.  Even though you advised them about the […]

Regina Brown Jun 10th, 2015

Is It Time to Hire a Real Estate Assistant?

Think that hiring a real estate assistant is too expensive? If you think about it, maybe you can’t afford not to have one? Break down your day and think about the tasks you perform. Which ones actually generate money for your business and which ones are more like time zappers? By eliminating these time zappers […]


Home Value Leads Jun 9th, 2015

Pocket Listings: What Real Estate Commission to Charge

For many reasons, clients choose not to list their homes on the MLS and feel pretty confident that they will find just as good, if not better, offers compared to not listing their house on the market publicly. So where does that leave you, as the selling agent, in regards to real estate commission when […]


Renae Virata Jun 4th, 2015

Should You Hire a Real Estate Staging Company?

Every real estate agent knows that real estate staging can make or break a sale and the time it takes to make one. In fact, more than 90% of homes sell better when staging takes place, whether enhanced by the homeowner himself or by a hired company. You could work with what your seller has, […]


Renae Virata Jun 3rd, 2015