Can I Collect More Information On My Lead Capture Site?

homevalueleads | January 31, 2014 | Frequently Asked Questions, Presale Questions

Collect Information From Lead Capture Site
By: Colin Kinner

Question: Can I collect more information on my lead capture site?
Answer: Home Value Leads currently offers a 2-step and a 3-step lead capture process. We added a third step because of requests from several of our clients. The problem, however, is that the more information that you ask for the less information you will get. Even if you simply give them the option but don’t require it to be filled out, you will have more people leave simply because the site asks for more information.

Recent testing confirms this. We tested 3 different sites that were all using the 3-step process. By changing to the 2-step process and nothing else being changed, 28.8% more leads were generated than with the 3-step process.

We still give you the option to use the 3-step process, but be aware that this may crush your lead conversion chances.



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