Build Listing Presentations Around the Holidays

Home Value Leads | October 26, 2018 | Holiday

After real estate agents generate leads, they must now create a listing presentation. Only through listing presentations can real estate agents convince sellers to sign a contract and go with them as their home selling real estate agent.

Most of us know how to create listing presentations. During the holidays, listing presentation creation becomes more difficult because there are numerous pitfalls. Stress naturally happens to you, sellers, buyers, everyone during the holidays.

We wrote a few tips for you to consider when building listing presentations around the holidays.

Tips to Build Successful Listing Presentations During the Holidays

Don’t Offend

This might be the most important tip. It does no good to offend. If you create a listing presentation around Christmas, but the seller isn’t a Christian, that could offend. Best to leave all religion out of it.

Do Make Sure Everything’s Positive

Stick to positive holiday images. There are plenty of available that have nothing to do with any religion, philosophy, anything except the images themselves. Be as positive as possible without offending.

Don’t Include Politics

Forget politics. Politics, hopefully, will go away after the first Tuesday in November. Don’t think about politics at all and most definitely don’t include any in your listing presentations.

Do Include Smiling Faces

Smile yourself and if you include images of people in any listing presentations, make sure they’re smiling as well. You mustn’t get too granular, just stick to the positive theme.

Don’t Include Guilt

When speaking to potential sellers, don’t use guilt driven lines like, “If you don’t sign on with me, I can promise you won’t get as much for your home as you’d like.” Also, don’t become a hardcore salesperson.

Sometimes, it makes sense to become the rough and tumble real estate agent that can get the job done. But, during the holidays, most people aren’t in the mood for that type of salesperson. Leave the hard selling at the door.

Do Include that Can Do Attitude

Provide the can do attitude. Everyone’s under so much stress that they can use the positive thinking that they get from a real estate agent who believes they can sell their home. Even if they’re not into your listing presentation, make sure they know what a positive real estate agent you are.

Don’t Add Fluff if You’ve Got Doubts

If you’ve got doubts, don’t add fluff. Nothing says you must add holiday images, or make listing presentations holiday-centric just because it’s the holidays. Leave out all the fluff, and then provide your great attitude, pump your skills, provide your brand of EI, and let them know you can get the job done, that you can sell their home, when you finally meet face to face.

This is what’s most important:  if you don’ get the listing, make sure to send a holiday themed thank you card. Many real estate agents forget this step. It could make the difference in the future. Don’t forget that even though 80% of home sellers say they’re going with the same real estate agent they went with for their previous deal, only 24% actually do.

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