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Atlanta Real Estate Broker Picks Home Value Leads for Generating Home Seller Leads

With The Market Changing, New Home Seller Lead Generation Techniques Must Be Found For Immediate Release Los Angeles, CA – Joshua Jarvis, a licensed Atlanta real estate broker with Keller Williams and CEO and Founder of the Jarvis Team, has picked Home Value Leads to generate seller leads for his Atlanta real estate team. Jarvis […]


Home Value Leads Sep 3rd, 2013

Use Craigslist’s Free and Paid Ad Tracker To Generate Real Estate Leads

***UPDATE: Craigslist recently made a change that prohibits most HTML code in most cities. This change has removed the ability to use Craigslist Ad Tracker for most real estate agents. This has removed many options for free lead generation for real estate. Try the next best thing and check out Home Value Leads. Our system […]


Home Value Leads Aug 25th, 2013

Get Free Real Estate Leads with Craigslist Listings

***UPDATE: Craigslist has made some changes, specifically to the Real Estate For Sale areas that prohibit the use of HTML. While it’s still possible to generate free real estate leads with Craigslist, it has made it much, much harder to stand out as an innovative agent. Try the next best thing and get home seller […]


Home Value Leads Aug 21st, 2013

How To Choose The Best and Most Catchy Real Estate Domain Names

If you’re a real estate agent, and you don’t already have your own website, the first thing you need to do is to choose a domain name. Your domain needs to be something about you, something about your niche, and something about the kind of homes you sell or the kind of clients you serve. […]


Home Value Leads Aug 15th, 2013