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Real Estate Lead Follow Up: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Real estate follow-up is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Learning how to get seller leads is great, but if you don’t follow up with them, you aren’t going to close many at all. I know this from experience. I used to do a great job generating leads for myself. In fact, I had […]


homevalueleads Nov 5th, 2013

Happy Grasshopper Review: Real Estate Email Marketing Revamped

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how Home Value Leads worked together with Happy Grasshopper’s “Position Me”. Some of you have asked for more information about Happy Grasshopper, so I thought I would share my Happy Grasshopper review. A while back I was fortunate enough to attend Xplode Conference in Dallas. One of […]


homevalueleads Oct 23rd, 2013

Best Time To Post To Social Media?

Your on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumbler… but when is the best time to post? Do you notice different levels of engagement based on when you publish an article or share a link? According to, there is a big difference. is a very popular link shortener that is used all over the […]


homevalueleads Oct 17th, 2013

Happy Grasshopper Integrates Seamlessly With Home Value Leads

At Home Value Leads, we understand that people want to use a variety of programs and technologies to best serve their own needs and those of their clients. We are making a big effort to integrate our systems into the best products for the best possible experience for our clients (and yours). Unfortunately, not all […]

homevalueleads Oct 2nd, 2013

How To Blog For Real Estate

Last week, we discussed how to get listing leads online and we mentioned blogging. A lot of people believe that the internet is for home buyers only, but that is no where near the truth. Today we are going to discuss how to blog for real estate, and specifically how to blog for sellers. How To […]


homevalueleads Sep 28th, 2013

How To Get Listing Leads Online: Think Like A Home Seller

Today’s real estate market is drastically different than it was a year ago. Across the country, buyers are out in droves but listing inventory is at an all time low in many areas. The smart agents are changing gears and focusing a large part of their marketing on how to get listing leads. So, how […]


homevalueleads Sep 16th, 2013

Home Value Leads And CloudCMA: Review

When I first started using Home Value Leads to generate real estate seller leads, I admit was a bit overwhelmed. I had so many leads coming in, that the old way of doing a CMA just wasn’t going to cut it. When it takes you 20-30 minutes to create a custom CMA and you are […]

homevalueleads Sep 13th, 2013

Manage Real Estate Seller Leads With Follow Up Boss

How much time do you devote to managing your lead database? My guess is that you either don’t spend enough time because you are too busy, or you spend way too much time because you do a great job of generating leads. I’ve been in the same position: too busy with clients to manage my […]

homevalueleads Sep 11th, 2013

Home Value Leads Introduces Dynamic Cities For Better Conversion Of Seller Leads

Home Value Leads Introduces Dynamic Cities To Generate More Seller Leads For Immediate Release Los Angeles, CA – Imagine you live in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale and are looking to sell your home. Which website title would you be more likely to click on – “Get Your Glendale Home Value” or “Get Your Los Angeles […]

homevalueleads Sep 6th, 2013

Home Value Leads Recruits Chief Scribble Monkey

Real Estate Leads Made Easy With New Technology For Immediate Release Los Angeles, CA – Brian Rayl, a Home Value Leads client and Dallas real estate agent, has been recruited as Home Value Lead’s new Chief Scribble Monkey. In his new role, Brian will be assisting with content development, social media management, and training on […]

homevalueleads Sep 5th, 2013