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8 Tips For Improving Your Real Estate Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are one of the best tools that a real estate agent can have in their arsenal of weapons. But just like any weapon, if it is used incorrectly it is likely to blow up in your face. Here are some quick and easy tips for your real estate campaigns. 1) Set Your Email […]

homevalueleads May 11th, 2014

Postcards: Real Estate Lead Generation And Follow-Up

It is amazing how many agents have abandoned postcards as “old news” when they are so versatile and still work. Real estate postcards (and letters) are one of the few marketing techniques that can be utilized for lead capture, lead conversion, branding and continued follow-up. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity […]

homevalueleads May 10th, 2014

Pay Per Click Lead Generation For Real Estate

Superior websites are designed to do one simple thing: generate leads. Unfortunately, the search engines are dominated by national portals such as Trulia, Zillow, and so the likelihood of being found quickly are slim, especially for a brand new website. There is a way to generate leads on your site today and attract viewers […]

homevalueleads May 6th, 2014

Multiple Offers and the eBay Mentality: Explained

Here in Dallas, multiple offers are becoming the norm as opposed to the exception. Last week I posted about how to generate multiple offers utilizing the eBay mentality. Well, grab a frosty beverage and sit back and relax, because today I wanted to walk you through one of my last listing appointments and show you […]

homevalueleads Mar 22nd, 2014

How To Generate Multiple Offers On Your Listing: The Ebay Mentality

Have you ever shopped on Ebay before (or any other auction site)? Perhaps you have watched some of the reality shows on TV today like Storage Wars? I was watching Storage Wars last night and it never failed that someone would say “If this one goes for $500, I’ll go on it.” 45 seconds later, […]

homevalueleads Mar 15th, 2014

SEO vs PPC For Real Estate Lead Generation

I’ve been on the internet for a long time. During the past 4 years a large percentage of my lead generation was done through one of my many websites and nearly all of it has been organically generated. You may be asking what “organically generated” means and you may not even fully understand the difference […]

homevalueleads Feb 24th, 2014

Home Value CMA By Drone? It Could Happen…

Home Value Leads is taking on Amazon! Ok, not really, but we are honored (and lucky) to have some of the best, brightest, and most creative agents in the industry as clients of our real estate lead generation tool. It never ceases to amaze us when someone comes up with an outside-the-box idea. It floored […]

homevalueleads Feb 19th, 2014

How NOT To Get Likes To Your Real Estate Facebook Page

A video was shared in the Home Value Leads private Facebook group where we teach people how to do real estate lead generation. I felt that this video needed to be shared with the rest of the real estate world. Many people equate the number of “Likes” on their Facebook business page to how popular […]

homevalueleads Feb 13th, 2014

Home Value Leads Xplodes in Ft Worth and Houston, TX

This past Thursday, January 23rd 2014, ┬ámarked a milestone for Home Value Leads – We presented and sponsored at Xplode in Fort Worth, Texas and we will be repeating that performance on Monday, January 27th in Houston, Texas. We at Home Value Leads are honored and excited to have been invited to Xplode because the […]

homevalueleads Jan 26th, 2014

National MLS: Are You Ready For A Real Estate Revolution?

Last week, I opined if the REALTOR Brand was becoming obsolete. Since that writing, I have had some interesting conversations with people. As I said in the previous article, NAR provides some very vital services for the real estate industry, but is it fighting for the industry as a whole or for the REALTORS that […]

homevalueleads Dec 18th, 2013