Big Game Marketing for Real Estate

Renae Virata | February 1, 2016 | Marketing

Big Game Marketing for Real EstateAre you pumped for the Big Game? (You know the one I’m talking about, which, for legal reasons, should always be referred to as such.) Millions of football fans are, so you can take part in some Big Game marketing with your real estate business, as soon as today.

Here are three clever ways to take advantage of the end of football season to win with your fans.

Send Out a Newsletter

If it’s taken you a while to muster up the time or energy to send out the first email of the year, don’t worry. Now is a great time to send out something with a little twist around this weekend’s game. While you send out the regular greeting and calls to action, include your favorite 7-layer dip recipe or give out tips for how to put together an awesome get-together.

Don’t forget to include a cool photo for each section to highlight what you are talking about. You can use stock photos from places like starting at $1 each. If you borrow a picture from another site, be sure to include a caption with the photo credit (“Photo | Name of Source” should suffice).

You can also change the colors of your newsletter to reflect either your favorite team or both to show your team spirit.

Work ItĀ on Facebook

Facebook has a few good survey add-ons that you can use to poll your Facebook follower on which team they are rooting for. The poll results should show up on your Facebook post so people can see who the fan favorite is. Encourage comments and ask what they are doing this Sunday.

If you happen to live in Denver or Charlotte or surrounding areas or if you happen to be a fan of either team, show your team spirit by calling out your favorite in advance of the game. It will be a nice departure from the same old real estate posts you regularly put out and will show a different, personal side to you as a real estate agent.

Hold an Open House the Morning of with a Football Theme

Luckily, if you are holding an open house the morning of the event, it will be way in advance of the Big Game. Grocery and discount stores will have lots of themed plates, napkins and cups to help you bring a little bit of game day to your event. Setting a theme like this shows you are in the know and, again, shows your personal side a bit more.

Follow Up with Posts and Tweets

Your Big Game marketing strategy doesn’t have to stop once the game starts. Use Twitter to do live-action tweets whenever a play is made or post on Facebook if you are hosting a party to show what you’re doing to celebrate.

After the game, collect photos and comment on who won. You might not want to be to brazen with your comments so you don’t marginalize fans of the opposing team, so keep your comments light.

How are you incorporating Big Game marketing strategies into your real estate business this week? Share your ideas in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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Renae Virata