Best Ways to Know You’re Getting Legit Real Estate Agent Advice

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This blog is for any real estate agents out there who have surrounded themselves with other real estate agents who love to give advice. We’ve already published a blog on how you should be careful about accepting advice.

Now, we want to offer a blog about when to know if your getting legit real estate agent advice. It’s no secret that there’s ulterior motives to much of the advice people give you. This become especially true when the advice they give you comes from someone in the same industry in which you work.

Not everyone that gives you real estate agent advice has your best interest at heart. Check out 5 ways to tell if the advice you get from a fellow real estate agent is legitimate advice.

5 Ways to Tell Real Estate Agent Advice is Legit

  1. Think about the source

Advice, no matter what industry, is only as good as the source. The real estate agent industry is no different. If a disreputable source offers you real estate agent advice, it’s likely that the advice you received has limited to zero value. Disreputable sources also almost never provide advice without ulterior motives.

Keep that in mind the next time a real estate agent peer with a shady reputation offers you advice.

  1. Check the advice by corroborating it with reputable real estate agent peers

The real estate agent industry can be cutthroat, but all industries can be cutthroat. Plenty of good people like you decide to become real estate agents. Once you receive advice, turn to a fellow real estate agent, one that you trust, and get their opinion on the advice.

There’s nothing wrong with corroborating advice.

  1. Consider any risks if you take the advice

There’s almost always some level of risk when you accept advice. Almost always. Maybe, if you take the advice, you could anger a potential client. Or, maybe, you could lose out on a higher commission, or in some way sacrifice your integrity.

Consider those risks when you take advice from a fellow real estate agent.

  1. Also consider your mental state at the time

We think things differently depending on what else is going on at the time. When we hear things, we only consider them based on the exact moment we hear them. A good practice might be to write down the advice and consider it after you’ve calmed your mind.

We often don’t even seek advice unless we must. To look at any advice you receive from a fellow real estate agent, you must first calm your mind so that you can look at it objectively. All advice is subjective because all advice comes from a specific viewpoint. That’s why when people gives us advice, they often start by saying, “If I had to make that decision…” The I implies subjectivity.

  1. What’s your gut telling you about the advice?

Listen to your internal voice, the one that keeps you out of trouble. What does your gut, that internal voice, tell you about the advice? Does it sound like good advice to your gut?

Advice is only that, advice. Always remember to critically examine real estate agent advice before accepting it. The best way to critically examine advice is to first consider the source, think about the risk, and to corroborate the advice. Also, you must always consider your mental state and follow your gut.

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