Become a Video (Real Estate) Rock Star

Renae Virata | May 23, 2016 | Marketing

Become a Video (Real Estate) Rock StarWith home sales slowing a bit, you would do well as a real estate agent to come up with as many creative and unique ways to stay above the competition. It’s no secret that video should be a staple in any real estate agent’s toolkit. In addition to the videos that you create for listings or to introduce yourself, you could add to your video library with your very own video-based show.

Having a video show does not mean you have to rent airtime on your local TV station. You can create your own series and host them on your own YouTube channel and on your website.

Pick a Theme

We are always mentioning how, as a real estate agent, you should share with the world your infinite knowledge on your market area. This can be a great theme for your videos. In each video for this theme, you can discuss a new development or highlight key features andĀ conveniences that the neighborhood offers.

Another theme can be advice to home sellers and home buyers. You can offer one simple tip in each video that makes the home selling or buying process easier. Some topics that you can cover can be new developments in the real estate arena, staging ideas, do and don’t lists and ways to improve or enjoy a new home.

Whichever theme you pick, keep them simple and personable. You may be tempted to cover several topics in one sitting, but if you could break down a larger topic into a few, then you’ll have even more videos to create.

Stay Organized, Save Time and Effort

Like any good marketing plan, you should have a strategy. Laying down a plan and schedule for your videos can help you be better prepared and know in advance what to produce.

Make a list of topics that you’d like to cover and come up with clever titles. Then write out an outline for each video so you make sure that the right message comes across, you leave no stone unturned and you don’t stray from the topic at hand.

Pre-planning can also help you arrange any interviews you’d like to do for special topics, collect statistics or perform research that you need.

To be consistent, plan to create at least two videos per month and post on the same day each week. Once you get the hang of creating your videos, you can increase your frequency to, say, every Tuesday, so people know when to expect them.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Once you have your first video, it’s time to share it with the world. Social media, your blog, newsletters and online community sites are all great places to share your link.

Be sure to let people know in each video that this is part of a series and that you can catch all your videos on your YouTube channel and/or website.

Include hashtags like #TuesdayTips, #RealEstate and #Advice or create your own so people can find your videos who aren’t already followers.

Some extra tips:

  • Keep your videos short and sweet.
  • Try not to read from a script.
  • Be yourself and talk to the camera as if you are talking with a client.
  • You don’t have to have someone else operating your camera. Be sure you test the sound, lighting and angle.
  • The key, even when you are nervous, is to just get started! Many of YouTube’s most famous stars, if you take a look at their videos, were a little nervous, but with practice, they got better.

You can become a video real estate rock star! It just takes a little time and planning, but videos will help you connect better with potential clients and leads when you can’t get in front of them.


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Renae Virata