Be Human to Get Past Buyer Beware

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We recently published a blog about educating instead of selling. One of the things we highlighted was that the very best real estate agents try to educate as much as they can. To be one of the best, you must also know that selling is part of the process. You can’t always just educate.

This blog is more about selling. Well, it’s more about buyers realizing what to look for from someone trying to sell them something. Buyers are savvier now then ever. A lot of that is because of sites like They believe they know more than any real estate agent. They know so much more than real estate agents that they go into any situation with caveat emptor, buyer beware, at top of mind.

How can a real estate agent get past this obvious road block? The key is for real estate agents to be human. Below, we take a closer look.

Get Past Buyer Beware:  Be Human

Being human is a general idea. By being human, the point is that you immediately, in any buyer/seller situation, put all insincerity to the side. Sincerity is the one trait that separates us humans. It’s easy to feign sincerity, which is why you should never do it.

Work on becoming sincere and you’ll be all right. Here’s more info on being sincere as well as some other ways to get past buyer beware.

Sincerity – Sincerity is simply being honest and straightforward without any pretense, misrepresentation, or deceit. When beware buyers realize that you are a sincere real estate agent, they are more likely to trust what you tell them. Always be honest. Trust will follow.

Active Communication – Active communication means that you don’t wait for them to communicate with you. If a problem arises, you don’t hide the problem. You tell them straight up what the issue is. You also stay on top of them and remind them of things they must do to complete a sale. Active communication isn’t passive. It’s being a part of their home purchasing team.

Flexible Discussions – Flexibility itself is a good thing to have. Just saying flexibility, though, doesn’t mean much. We like to describe it more by calling it flexible discussions.  What are flexible discussions? They’re discussions that allow potential buyers to have a say. Also, don’t fret if buyers change their minds. It happens all the time.

By being flexible in discussions, you encourage buyers to be flexible in discussions as well. Two street flexibility will lead to many more sales.

Most buyers have a built in buyer beware gene. Sites like only help the buyer beware gene flourish. Instead of fighting against buyer beware, real estate agents should work to be more human through sincerity, active communication, and flexible discussions.



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