Be Careful About the Advice You Take

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The real estate agent business has its share of smart, hardworking, individuals who wish to do nothing more than to create successful businesses. In fact, most real estate agents are hard working types that aren’t afraid of being accountable. The real estate business also has its share of blowhards, those who always wish to give advice, over mentoring types that don’t know when to take a step back.

Accepting the advice of individuals like this can lead to failure. If you do fail because of bad advice, you must then figure out how to deal with failure. In many cases, you want to be wary about taking advice.

See below for a few ways to know that you should be careful about taking advice.

How to Know the Advice Your Getting Isn’t Legit

1. The advice giver always provides advice
If the individual that gives you advice about your real estate agent business always provides advice, you should throw up a red flag. Why? A habitual advice giver is the first sign that the individual needs something from you. What that individual likely needs is affirmation that they’re smart enough to give you advice.
2. The advice giver only gives snippets of advice
The opposite could also be true. You could run into an individual that only gives snippets of advice. This is different than the individual that always provides advice, or the individual that provides no advice at all.
The person that only provides snippets of advice could be the most dangerous individual to accept advice from. The reason is because you must ask why a person might want to only give snippets of advice? What’s the goal? What’s the reason to not give full advice? Most of the time these individuals have ulterior motives.
3. The advice giver offers general advice
This is more of an annoyance than someone actually providing bad advice that you shouldn’t take at all. You know it’s not truly legitimate advice if, after asking advice about a specific situation, you get a general answer.

You know what type of answers these are. The answers have absolutely no bearing on what you should do. They’re sort of like the answers that Chance from Being There provides.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this advice. It’s not legitimate advice, though. As a real estate agent, you need advice that leads to actions. The advice you’re looking for should help you make the decision that’s best for you. General advice isn’t necessarily bad advice. It’s just not actionable advice.

Taking advice isn’t a bad thing. There are some real estate agents, most, actually, who aren’t out to get you. One thing you should keep in mind is that your peers are also often your competitors. Always keep that in mind before accepting any real estate agent advice.

Be on the look out for advice from one of the three advice types we highlight in this blog. The habitual advice giver, only snippets advice giver, and the general advice giver provide not nothing of value to you.

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