Be a Sincere Real Estate Agent

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There’s so much competition in the real estate agent industry that often the small things matter. Emotionally intelligent real estate agents are likelier to list a property than a real estate agent that has no EI skills at all. Real estate agents with great customer service skills often secure repeat business.

It’s important for real estate agents to remember how small things, like EI and good customer service skills, can affect their business. Why? What we think is a small thing isn’t a small thing at all. Emotional intelligence isn’t a small thing. Customer service skills aren’t small things.

Sincerity isn’t a small thing either. Every person should make being sincere a goal. For real estate agents, sincerity could be the difference between listing a home or not.

How to Be a Sincere Real Estate Agent

Most of us are naturally sincere. In our quest to satisfy customers, sell homes, and gain listings, we aren’t always sincere. Read to find out how best to always be a sincere real estate agent.

  1. Don’t pull the wool over any eyes

Real estate agents hate disappointing clients. But, clients don’t always know what’s best for them. Heck, most clients have no idea what they can afford, or for how much they should list their homes.

Pulling the wool over any client’s eyes leads to disaster. It’s not only being insincere, it can also lead to distrust and, eventually, losing the client. Never pull the wool over any client’s eyes. The truth is always best. If a client can’t afford a specific home they wish to buy, let them know.

Help clients list at a proper price. Throw away the wool and speak the truth.

  1. Be a genuine person

Notice the word person, not real estate agent? Buyers and sellers work with people who happen to be real estate agents. If you’re a genuine person, you’re automatically a genuine real estate agent. Genuine people listen. Then, they respond.

A genuine real estate agent might listen to all the reasons the seller wants to list at a higher than market price. A genuine real estate agent would then tell the truth about why listing at such a high price could hurt the seller.

The key is to use other skills, like emotional intelligence, to explain why the seller’s price won’t work.

  1. Don’t think of your cut

Thinking about your “cut”, the money you stand to make if you sell a home, or find a home for a buyer, could lead to insincerity. Most clients will notice your tongue wagging, your mouth salivating, at the thought of the dollars bills that will rain from the sky if the client buys a home. It’s a bad look. So, don’t do it.

  1. Practice sincerity in everyday life

Don’t print out this blog and carry it around so that it’s handy every time you meet a client. Practice being sincere in your everyday life. Sincerity, like most things, is an inherent skill. We’re born being sincere. But to keep our sincerity, we must practice.

Buyers and seller often approach real estate agents with dread. The best way to help clients get over dread is to be sincere. Be sincere in your everyday life and you won’t have to try to be a sincere real estate agent.

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