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Renae | February 27, 2018 | Marketing

Free Publicity for Your Real Estate Business Part 2: Media ContactsAs a real estate agent, you no doubt have a wealth of information to share. Day and day out, you are in the trenches, working with clients, enacting the latest processes and putting into play trends in the industry to help your clients buy and sell their homes.

You could share this information on your website but that is a super limited audience. Where else could you go? Who would have the audience you need to connect to on a much larger scale? The media!

Who to Contact

It might seem overwhelming to figure out how to get in touch with all the available local media. There’s television, radio, newspaper, magazine, blogs and even podcasts to reach out to.

You can got the old-fashioned route and put together your own list. Simply go through your local media resources and scout the reporters who have written about or currently write about real estate as their beat. Usually, their articles will include their email addresses and, in some cases their phone numbers. Or, in the case of TV and radio, you can find it on their websites. They hunger for good stories or experts, so they will welcome your email or call.

Create a spreadsheet of sources with columns for the outlet, full name, title, phone, email and notes. The notes you include can be the last time you contacted them or full information on your conversations and leads with those contacts.

Another way you can be a real estate resource for the media is by subscribing to or purchasing local media lists. Gebbie Press is one such resource. you simply subscribe for one year with an upfront payment to have access to their email lists of thousands of media outlets locally, around the state or around the country. You can contact each source individually to introduce yourself and offer your real estate insight or submit a press release in bulk by choosing only the outlets you would like to receive your press release.

Another solid way to share your real estate know-how is through Also know as “HARO” for “Help a Reporter Out,” this site emails you daily any inquiries that are relevant to you from reporters at a variety of outlets looking for insight, stories and opinions in a variety of industries and fields. You’ll have to sift through the inquiries, but it’s super easy to do. When you find an inquiry that is a good match, simply respond via the email.

One word of advice. Don’t just reply with a “I have information. Contact me.” Go ahead and answer the reporter’s question. They don’t have a lot of time to play email ping-pong and will more likely use your information and link back to you and your business if you provide the advice or info pronto.

What to Share with the Media

Now that you have your contacts and ways to reach the media, it’s time to get to the exciting part and impart what you know! Inquiries through sites like HARO are easy. But what if you have something share or often do but maybe not at a particular moment?

If you have something specific to share, you can send out a press release. This will go best to your list of contacts or via a service like Gebbie Press. You can Google how to write and send a press release and receive a lot of great, easy tips or you can enlist the help of a freelance writer or service to create one for you.

You can also reach out to reporters, bloggers and writers with ideas on stories by simply giving them a shout. Maybe you found out some interesting statistics about your farm, made some smart observations about the market or learned something that your clients would like to know that you have repeatedly answered. These are all great opportunities to partner with the media and introduce yourself outright as a ready, reliable and knowledgeable resource.

Reaching out is just the beginning to building relationships, which is what real estate is all about and agents like you are great at doing!


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